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Female Sexual Dysfunction and Women's Issues
Male Sexual Dysfunction
Teen Sex Issues - For Teens and Parents
Sex During Mid and Later Life
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Sexual Addiction
Sex Therapy, Fetishes, and Other Sexual Issues

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Female Sexual Dysfunction

  1. Psychological Aspects of Female Sexual Dysfunction

    Not just in your head, there are physical problems associated with fsd. Also treatments for female sexual dysfunction.

  2. Sex Hormone Effects on Specific Brain Mechanisms and on Generalized Brain Arousal

    Lecture given by Donald W. Pfaff, Ph.D., Rockefeller University.


Male Sexual Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Cialis for Erectile Dysfunction

    About Cialis and comparison to other e.d. medications.

  2. Viagra and Risk of Eye Problems

    Who's at risk for eye problems from taking Viagra.

  3. Patient Discusses Penile Implant Surgery

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Other Male Sexual Issues

  1. Enlarged Prostate Treatment

    BPH Thermotherapy: Non-surgical treatment for BPH.

  2. Male Sterilization Overview

    Covers vasectomy and Vasclip.


Teen Sex Issues

  1. Risky Behavior in Teens: Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll

    When your child's safety is involved, it's the parent's responsibility. Find out what you need to know.

  2. Sex Education for Teens

    Radical sex education program for teens in Australia in light of increase in teen pregnancy and their lack of information about sex.


Sexual Addiction

  1. Sex Addiction: Is there such a thing?

    Does it simply give people an excuse to wander?We're discussing if sex addiction actually exists with Dr. Glyn Hudson-Allez, a consultant psychologist and psycho sexual therapist who specializes in sex addiction and Tim Fountain who wrote the controversial play Sex Addict.

Sex Therapy, Fetishes and Other Sexual Issues

  1. Who Are Sex Therapists and What Do they Do?

    Whether you're happily married or living single, you've probably worried about your sex life at some point or another. There's nothing unusual about a less-than-perfect sex life. But if you and your partner can't seem to overcome your sex troubles, or if you have a sexual disorder, you may consider seeking professional help.

View more video on sex disorders and other mental health concerns here.

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