How Can Therapy Help Me?

Research shows that mental health therapy is one of the best treatments for depression, anxiety, addictions, and other mental health conditions. Yet, there are many people out there who believe, “What is talking about it going to do for me.”

Rashawnda Carey is a licensed mental health professional. She’s been doing therapy with clients for over 8 years. She says "How Therapy Can Help Me" is an important topic because there is still a strong stigma about paying to talk to someone or for simply telling someone your struggles. It should be a strength to seek help and not a weakness. If more people knew how much therapy could help them, there would be less people suffering.

Take a look at her video. Then share your experiences with therapy. Why did you go to therapy in the first place? Was it helpful and, if so, in what ways? Or maybe you believe that “therapy can’t help me”. Tell us why.


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More about Rashawnda Carey: She has been devoted to improving the negative stigma of mental health in all communities. Rashawnda believes that everyone has the right to healing and truth in their own way. This led her to create ways to inspire other by providing coping skills, encouragement, and realness about mental health through her social media platforms. You can find her:


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