Code-switching in borderline personality disorder (BPD) is something I've been trying to understand lately. I know so far that it's a survival strategy I've clung to in a reality where the threat of rejection casts its shadow over everything.
I am an introvert coping with depression. There are different levels and degrees of being an introvert. Regardless, being introverted is a personality trait where you thrive on independence and recharge mentally when alone. Introverts can also become emotionally drained when they are in social settings, including being at work. So how is someone who is an introvert supposed to reach out for help and not become entirely isolated when they are experiencing an episode of depression? Even though it has been difficult, within the last couple of years, I have come up with some ways of coping with my depression that do not emotionally drain me but allow me not to become isolated. 
Twenty years after being sexually assaulted, my childhood trauma made me sick. At the age of 24, I learned — the hard way — that if you ignore your emotions for too long, they will find other ways to get your attention.
My name is Dawn Gressard, and I am ecstatic to be a new writer for the "Coping with Depression" blog at HealthyPlace. As a trainer of peer support specialists, I know how vital it is to share similar lived experiences with others, not only for our coping with depression and recovery but for others’ coping as well. It is always easier to endure the journey when you know you are not alone -- and none of us are.
There are several ways an individual may react to verbal abuse. Two of these common responses include fawning and appeasement. Although they share some similar characteristics, each is unique and can produce alternative results. 
About 16 years ago, I was prescribed an antipsychotic for my schizoaffective disorder, and it triggered obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms. Here are some of the ways I acted with schizoaffective disorder and OCD.
One of the problems I have found when dealing with anxiety is not knowing why I'm anxious. Overall, throughout the years, I've been able to build my resilience to stress, and as a result, I can cope more effectively when I'm experiencing a stressful situation. But, part of the problem with having an anxiety disorder is that, even if you've felt fairly well for quite some time, you can still experience a resurgence of anxiety symptoms. Even during the happiest times in my life, I've had to be aware of anxiety triggers and how they may affect me when I least expect it, even when I don't know why I'm anxious.
Have you considered self-love this Valentine's Day/? Irrespective of whether you are single, committed, divorced, widowed, or self-partnered, Valentine's Day is a day when you should prioritize self-love. Here's why. 
Breathwork can help with anxiety. Sometimes, when it comes to managing mental health, it's best to go back to the basics, like breathing. It seems too simple, and it is simple, but that doesn't make it any less important. Breathwork is an amazing tool to refocus, calm one's mind, and work through moments of high anxiety. The best part is that it can be done anywhere at any time.
For those navigating mental health conditions, the journey toward self-love is not only crucial but can serve as a powerful catalyst for improved mental wellbeing. This Valentine's Day, let's shift the focus inward and explore the transformative practice of self-love, highlighting the empowering act of taking yourself on a date.

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Almost sounds narcissistic I have beeN doing a ton of reading to try and understand the guy I was seeing that did the same. I can tell as we got closer he did this to protect himself from all the feelings he was having vs trying to hurt me.
I met a young lady who is bipolar she stayed with me for 4 days no sex involved and on the 5th day I said something and she just started going off verbally on me it didn't help that I yelled get out to her it's been 6 days since I have had any communication with her she has my phone number I really like her as a friend but it is starting to seem maybe I blew it with her and I am feeling sad and guilty over the way I reacted towards her what do I do now
Dawn Gressard
Hey Chima,
I want to start with thank you for reaching out... I have been in your shoes, feeling hopeless and that the world is a difficult place to be. I want you to know you are not alone. Truthfully.
There are resources and people ready to support you and help you through these thoughts and times of hopelessness. Please call or text 988 or click this link for other people to reach out to:
I have 2 children with ADHD. questioning potential autism/aspergers with the youngest. They are 10 and 8. I'm so tired. I'm so tired of the phone calls and emails from school telling me how out of control the child is and this is with medication. You are totally right, I'm throwing myself a pity party for 1. Some days I just wonder what it is like sending your kid to school and not have to worry. To take them to activities and not being the parent of the child not listening and throwing things. I'm ashamed of myself for even feeling this way because I'm supposed to be the adult and I'm not coping. Tonight I got so frustrated that I told off my youngest and he is lying in bed staring at the ceiling so upset that I told him off about his behaviour and telling him I was just over it all. I don't know what to do anymore
Kenny Whitfield
We had always listened to other people talk about the voice in their heads they would say it said this or that we had always felt we were very similar learning later not everyone had different names or different languages , that’s when my suicidal tendencies became very real . Fortunately our now friend a psychologist basically fixed our situation being advisory’s to each . After 5 years of working very hard learning digging acceptance techniques , skills , medication , meditation , an a deep spiritual experience I became now what I 😉 I have came ti believe I am is a spirit having a human experience an Devin an Emil exist only in my flesh ! Because that was what had been abused an under extreme trauma with weekly death events to the point of waking up after sexual suffocating abuse did I meet Devin an later Emil which saved my life early on in my abuse . My greatest tool is negotiation skills letting them have time under my control an timing I’ve been working with both now for over 2 years using this technique with extremely low bouts with anxiety or suicidal ideation, I would only recommend this type of strategy with very close an open honest visits with my psychologist remember it begins as a thought them emotions they win once you take action on that emotion , negotiation happens way before any emotion other than gratitude you now have a tool for a very important part of your story . Thanks for letting me share this