Mental health crises can happen anywhere at any moment, such as in a public place. Time and time again, I've seen those public moments captured in photos and videos online, turning a moment of pain into a show that people seem to feel entitled to gawk at and criticize.
The decision to try for a baby is one of the most difficult you will ever make. However you choose to do it, there are about a million things to consider: am I the right age? Mature enough? Financially ready? Am I prepared for the toll this will take on my body, my relationship, my finances, my career? Am I ready to give my heart and soul to this person I haven't even met yet? And for me, there was the big one: is it selfish of me to bring a child into the world given my history of depression and mental illness?
Parenting anxiety doesn't end when a child goes off to college. In fact, experiencing anxiety about college-age kids (young adults) is common. I've had many conversations recently about worries and anxiety around kids going off to college, and I just dropped off my own son at his school for his freshman year. Here's a look at why sending a young adult child can cause anxiety and how not to be consumed with worry despite all of the causes. 
Having a well-crafted set of life goals helps me on my journey to build self-esteem, but it's the baby steps that lead to those goals that make me feel successful. Completing a life goal's final steps may be years away and focusing on that can be detrimental to self-esteem. Changing my focus to the baby steps I take improved my self-esteem
I’m the kind of person that has a lot of hobbies. As such, I’m constantly coming up with ideas for creative projects related to those hobbies. The amount that I’ve been able to devote to those projects because of my anxiety, however, is nowhere near what I sometimes envision it to be. Oftentimes I am guilty of trying to do too many things at one time.
As a young woman, I am unfortunately no stranger to crude innuendos aimed in my direction. However, not until I was sexually assaulted in 2017 did I recognize the full impact of this violation and the residual trauma it causes. Nor was I ready for how this would further exacerbate and complicate my eating disorder.
In all of its forms, grief is excruciating, but surprise-grief is the worst of all. The "surprise" of a loved one's death by suicide can cause you to wonder if you, yourself, will be able to survive. There are many factors, such as your relationship to the person or your mental health, that influence how you react and cope. (Note: This post contains a trigger warning.)
If you know someone who is living with a mental illness, such as dissociative identity disorder (DID), you may hear the word “grounding” used in regards to managing the condition. What does this mean, and how does it impact those living with DID?
Eating disorders during pregnancy are serious. When I found I was pregnant with my son over 10 years ago, I was still firmly in the grip of my eating disorder. I had what is known as eating disorder not otherise specified (EDNOS), also refered to as other specified feeding or eating disorder (OSFED). As my doctor explained it, this is a name used to describe people who did not categorically check all the boxes of anoerxia nervosa or bulimia, but still had a high-risk eating disorder. 
Therapy has been my number one tool in my recovery, but every now and again, my therapist is wrong about something, and it freaks me out. I've had several therapists over the years, and in the past, when a therapist misunderstood something I said or made an assumption that was incorrect, I had no idea how to respond.

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On the surface, this sounds like a good idea.
But what sticks out to me is that you are

deciding whether he needs it or not. Try understanding what that need is abt so he can feel compassion abt what going to happen. Ask him to tell you the story of the item.
I also question parents buying excess toys so that they have to lose stuff to get stuff. I'm speaking from personal experience. Something I learned abt my own kids. I have a great more compassion for myself, kids and grandkids.
I think the consumerism that rampant (ALSO GUILTY) JUST DRIVES THIS.
God bless you and yours.

megan alder
My husband has been telling me to go to therapy because of my anxiety issues, and I'm unsure about it. I like that you recommend going to therapy so a counselor can help to pinpoint the reasons for having anxiety. I will start looking for a therapist I can go to take care of myself.
Helping Hand
Alters are not evil!! There are some alters with the title, “Persecutors” that try to defend the system. This can be seen negatively to those outside the system, but those alters are truly hurting. It was probably shocking for that alter to learn that they were in a system or that people outside knew they weren’t the host/another alter. From that point on, they were more prepared to defend the system because they were more aware.
Christina, I'm truly sad to read about your son's death. I came across your article as I was trying to find something to help me grieve my daughter to Mental Illness. No one knows how you feel until you are in the situation, and I've found even being in the situation I don't know how I feel. As a mom, I relate with your feelings of helplessness, that my love and support isn't enough to make it all better and protect her. Broken heart....I'm sure more like shattered as mine is, and with each spiral downwards it shatters more. is a daily occurrence.

I'm sure Christina, you did all you knew to do, to the best of your ability. It is a hideous illness and needs MORE attention....

God Bless you Christina.
Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC
Hi Wayne,

What a horrific ordeal. I'm very sorry to read of the accident and everything you are continuing to experience. From my own experiences, I know that some work places have a hard time trusting people after a brain injury and end up behaving in a toxic manner, which of course can contribute to anxiety and other mental health challenges. It sounds like you're determined to get better and are taking really helpful steps. Seeking professional help goes a long way toward healing in general. It's a long process, but healing can and does happen, so don't give up on yourself! It can be so hard to know what to do when it comes to medication. Seek all the information about benefits and side effects that you can (ask your doctors, pharmacists, read up on it) and then make the decision that is right for *you* (everyone is different -- which makes the decision even more difficult!). Step by small step, keep taking action and moving forward. You'll see results!