Cheryl Wozny
Witnessing verbal abuse of someone you know or love can be a difficult situation to process. Watching a friend or family member face abuse can create feelings of fear or anger in yourself while the victim is oblivious or minimizes the abuse. So what can you do if you see the mistreatment of one of your loved ones? 
Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC, DAIS
In still-limited ways, society is finally beginning to reopen and emerge from the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, which, surprisingly, is a source of increased anxiety for many people. Shouldn't we all be relieved and happy? Is it normal to feel continued or even heightened anxiety? It is indeed normal to have a host of mixed feelings, including anxiety, as COVID-19 rules change. Here's why plus five tips to deal with it.
TJ DeSalvo
I am now living alone, and almost every one of my family and friends do not live close to me anymore. For that reason, I am used to doing almost everything by myself, because I have no other choice. But being alone by necessity has made me forget that just being in the presence of another person can be a great source of anxiety relief.
Annabelle Clawson
You probably have friends or family members who deal with mental illness. And you probably want to help them. You just might not know how. That is okay. It's normal to be hesitant about how to support someone with a mental illness, especially if you don't experience the same things yourself. You don't want to do anything wrong or say something that will trigger them. Here are a few general ways you can help.
Megan Griffith
Impulsivity is a symptom of many mental illnesses, from borderline personality disorder (BPD) to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and more. Unlike other symptoms, such as anxiety or apathy, impulsivity is still highly stigmatized and is often portrayed as being immature or careless rather than being a symptom of mental illness. Although impulsivity can definitely cause issues in your life, I would also argue that there are some hidden benefits of impulsivity.
Martyna Halas
Self-harm causes are hard to define. After all, each person is unique, and so is their emotional pain. However, the way we cope with difficult situations as adults often corresponds to our childhood experiences. Learning about the so-called early maladaptive schemas could help us address some of the unresolved issues that drive us toward self-injury.
Alixzandria Paige
Everyone has different coping methods that they choose to use, and it can sometimes seem like not all coping mechanisms are as helpful as others. There might come a time when you have to come to terms with and accept a loved one's preferred coping method. This is the story of a time I went through that situation.
Laura A. Barton
Mental illnesses can have destructive behaviors that accompany them, and these behaviors can often be difficult to understand and, like mental health in general, cloaked in stigma. Because of that, addressing destructive behaviors linked to mental illness can be a challenge, but it's an important part of showing support to those who struggle.
Natasha Tracy
COVID-19 vaccine refusal could be related to depression. I know there might not seem to be a link there, but I suspect there is. Depression could affect how a person feels about getting a vaccine for a number of reasons, and it may lead all the way up to vaccine refusal thanks to depression.
Jennifer Lear
I have an idea for a children's book, but anxiety-induced procrastination is in the way. I've been saying for years that I want to write a book, and last week inspiration struck. I am telling you this because I know that if I don't, the idea will remain just that: an idea. And I will continue to be what I've been for years: someone who says they want to write a book, writes a few chapters, then leaves them to gather dust in a long-forgotten folder on a laptop. I am a pathological procrastinator, but I believe I have found a way to tackle my anxiety-induced procrastination and share it here in the hopes that it will help you, too.

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Mahevash Shaikh
Sound advice, Frank. A lot of us are experiencing situational depression these days and these tips will surely help anyone who reads them. Thanks for sharing and take care.
Mahevash Shaikh
That sounds really overwhelming, Marga. If you have no one to talk to, please don't bottle up your feelings. Find a therapist that accepts sliding scale fees (many good professionals are accepting them nowadays) and book an appointment as soon as possible.
I really know how you feel as my daughter is 50 this year and I have suffered from her abuse and hatefulness and she is like it with her two sisters and brother. And tells other it our fault she won’t listen to anything we say . I’ve had this since she was 13
Why? I grew up on a horrible home and have bpd, ptsd, anxiety and clinical depression. I have an 8 year old son who is very well adjusted and has no ill side effects from my illnesses. I go to counseling regularly and have a very supportive husband who understands that I'm not a monster who ruins my kids lives just by having a mental illness. Don't throw all of us under the bus just because a few of us are crazy or don't want kids. My son was an accident , i was on birth control and used a condom because i wasn't ready, should i have aborted him because of my mental illness when i workevery day to better myself and have explained absolutely everything i can to my son and keep an open dialog with him about how my illnesses affected him that day or week? No, i shouldn't have had to. Do not judge everyone with a mental illness as unfit because some of us are very very capable and good parents. Your a horrible person for saying that.
I thought of my grandchildren and my other thought was maybe the outcome of a reaction might be lucky to die after getting it . Blood clot would have been good for me .