Cheryl Wozny
One of the many side effects of suffering verbal abuse is decreased self-esteem and low self-worth. Even the strongest individuals can suffer the damaging consequences of having someone verbally chip away at their psyche regularly. Unfortunately, this was very much the case in my childhood and adult years.
Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC, DAIS
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a month dedicated to highlighting mental health and mental health difficulties so that people understand how common it is to experience challenges and to provide a very realistic sense of hope. This message is crucial, for it reduces the unfortunate sense of shame and isolation that so many people feel when they suffer from anxiety or any other mental health challenge. In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month, here are some truths about anxiety.
TJ DeSalvo
Anxiety and being tired is common, and I’ve also noticed that anxiety can mess with your sleep patterns in weird ways. Sometimes, it’s impossible to get to sleep when you’re anxious – this makes sense, given that your mind is probably racing like crazy. But on the other hand, sometimes, if you’re anxious, you just can’t stay awake – this also makes sense because anxiety can make even the mundane seem overwhelming, and sleeping is a way to filter all that out. For me, there’s no telling when anxiety will cause me to be tired or lose sleep – recently, I’ve been going through a bout of always feeling tired, so I wanted to talk about that.
Annabelle Clawson
Whether it's a relationship that ended or a job that fell through, dealing with rejection is a huge part of life. More important than rejection, though, is how you handle it.
Megan Griffith
I learned the hard way that mental health recovery burnout is a real thing. It turns out, recovery isn't something you can work tirelessly toward and eventually achieve, like an award. Instead, it's more like something you slowly chip away at until one day you realize the work is a lot easier than it used to be. But recovery is never really over or complete, at least not in my case, which means working frantically to recover will only lead to one thing: burnout.
Natasha Tracy
I checked my Twitter feed this morning and learned of a new unique bipolar depression medication. I'm going to be honest; it made me smile and set me up for a great day. This is not necessarily because I want to run out and take it, but more because I'm glad people with bipolar disorder suffering from depression finally have a new option that is different than the ones we have been working with for years. A unique bipolar depression medication almost feels like a safety blanket to me.
Martyna Halas
Narcissism and self-harm may not seem like an obvious pair. After all, most narcissists think extremely highly of themselves, so engaging in self-injurious behaviors might seem like a counter-intuitive action. However, there is a form of narcissism where self-harm is more prominent, and some might even use it to manipulate their victim.
Martha Lueck
During childhood, crying is an expected reaction to pain. Children do not know many other ways to express negative emotions. But as adults, most of us understand emotions and know how to handle them in public situations. Many adults are embarrassed to cry because they do not want to appear weak. However, crying does not deserve the bad reputation it has received. Crying can actually benefit us in many ways. To learn about three benefits of crying, continue reading this post.
Alixzandria Paige
Having a mental illness can affect the meaning an individual experiences in life. I have had multiple family members with mental illness say they don't feel as though they can have an equally meaningful life as their neurotypical counterparts. That's just not true. Here is an article about how to find the meaning of life, written from the perspective of people that suffer from mental illness.
Laura A. Barton
Like many aspects of mental health, therapy is steeped in stigma. People talk about it in hushed tones and behind closed doors, but really, we need to have open conversations about therapy. In this blog post, I'm going to share my thoughts on why.

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Can you have DID but remain in control, not letting the alters come out. I have what I call my inner mental community, there are often people there visiting, I can see them a lot of times they talk to each other or me. One person is Madame Zolta, she is Romanian and only starts to come forward when I am extremely stressed to take care of me. There are times when i am driving or at work and all of a sudden half the day has passed and I don't remember it or if my mood changes really quickly I will feel sort of a shit in my head (tingling or a dizzy for a few seconds. Sometimes I feel like a moody teenager, or a kid who doesn't wanna share, "the mine" mentality. I just want to know if you can have DID but the alters don't fully take control .
Cheryl Wozny
Hello Barbara, I am Cheryl Wozny, the current author of the Verbal Abuse in Relationships blog here on HealthyPlace. Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry to hear that you are facing the effects of verbal abuse regularly. I want to let you know that by recognizing this behaviour is harmful to you is one of the first steps to helping your own mental health.

I applaud you for being brave enough to seek help from this toxic environment. It is not an easy process, and many people will try multiple times before they are able to break free from verbal abuse. Please look inside yourself and realize that you are worthy of a positive and loving relationship in every aspect of your life. You do not have to be ashamed of not doing anything sooner, unfortunately many of us believe that the abuse will go away or not get worse, when in fact it doesn't.

There are many local resources that can provide counselling and help to get you through these difficult times. Please visit our Hotline and Referral Resource page here: for an organization that can give you support when you need it most.
I wish you the best of luck on your healing journey.
Thanks for your ability to separate , and clarify the differences and the needs required by both issues.Ive been in AA for 30 some years and felt like a massive failure...not realizing I was BPD's been a long time wandering around the same mountain.
I’ve been married to a narcissistic man for 58 years. He was a great provider but not a good father or husband. He used to occasionally hit me but now he threatens me by putting his fist just inches too my face also objects like a hammer. I see my life pass before my eyes and say this is it.. I’m extremely nervous and gun shy. I’m ashamed that I didn’t try to do something sooner than living my life on a time bomb. Things that happened in my life has caught up and now I suffer PSTD and health problems and I’m truly afraid and my stomach churns all the time.
Richard Viets
Well this is all rather silly.. I cook with alcohol all the time and I am a recovering alcoholic. Last night I made Beer battered onion rings.. People forget that alcohol distills at around 198°F. You drop an item of food dipped in beer laced batter and drop it into a deep fryer that is running at 375°F. The alcohol cooks out in a flash. GONE!!.. I also have a large bottle of Cooking Saki in the cupboard.. It for one is way too salty to drink. However does wonders for your stir fry. I also splash it into my steak juices in the frying pan after my steak is done. Makes a great sauce. Cooking with alcohol is safe as long as your problem is not psychological. I think that is the problem with most people that avoid cooking with alcohol. The psychological triggers..

There should be no physical triggers at all when cooking with alcohol. On many occasions I have made my corned beef briskets using grocery store 42 Proof Whiskey.. I dump the entire bottle into it.. It never sent me to the liquor store.. But then again I play pool in the bar next door. I just have seltzer water with Lemon or Lime. I beat up my body for 20 years with alcohol.. At one point I suffered from Acute Liver failure. The bottom line is.. Unless you "want" to drink.. You are not going to.

If you are having urges.. Simple... Breath in, Breath out, Pray. and don't pick up. Now in the back of your mind if you "want" to drink.. Then perhaps alcohol cooked food might not be the best thing for you. but with that being the case... Are you sure you are even ready to quit?