Megan Griffith
Polyvagal theory has become an integral part of my healing journey as I learn to accept and cope with my trauma. But what is polyvagal theory? Let's talk about it.
Rizza Bermio-Gonzalez
You've heard that laughter is the best medicine. It is not only a figure of speech, but there is truth to the saying. Laughter is such a great way to feel better and to overcome negative feelings you may be feeling. If you struggle with chronic anxiety, incorporating laughter into your life can help to relieve many of those symptoms that you experience.
Nicola Spendlove
I am experiencing heightened anxiety at the moment, as I am waiting for important medical results. I usually avoid sharing my anxiety with my family, but this time I decided to be more open. Telling my brother, who has chronic mental health issues, about what I am going through was surprisingly helpful.
Juliana Sabatello
Love is a powerful force, but when it comes to loving someone with mental illness, we have to think about how to love through a different lens. We all likely have seen this type of story before where someone with mental illness or trauma falls in love, finds happiness, and suddenly all pain and hardship disappears for good. These savior stories create unrealistic expectations of what it's like to love people with mental illnesses as if the right person can rescue them from their darkness and pull them back into the light. 
Kate Beveridge
Holding down a job and working with borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be challenging at times. The fluctuating, unstable emotions can get in the way of good work performance and maintaining a positive reputation. Working from home with BPD presents unique challenges and advantages if you live with this disorder. 
Meagon Nolasco
Gender identity in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, etc. (LGBTQIA+) community is important when speaking about mental health. Society has made a habit of assigning gender based on assumptions relating to outward appearance and tone of voice. Mental health concerns can be tied together with gender identity and it is important to respect an individual's chosen identity without our own biases getting in the way. Being a part of the LGBTQIA+ mental health community or being an ally to this community begins with basic respect for gender identity and the willingness to learn and be curious regarding aspects of this community we are not aware of. 
George Abitante
The last time you got a poor night's sleep, did you feel more anxiety during the day? And on the other side, how often have you noticed your sleep was really bad before a big deadline or after a really anxiety-provoking day? I have experienced both of these, and it's actually pretty common for people experiencing regular anxiety.
Mahevash Shaikh
We are living in the age of the gig economy, but how are these side hustles affecting depression? According to Forbes, more and more people are freelancing due to the pandemic. With freelance life being highly uncertain, I know people who are looking for/working day jobs in addition to freelancing. While it can be monetarily and soulfully rewarding, having a side hustle may have a negative impact on depression. Let's see why. 
Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC
Do you play tug-of-war with your anxious thoughts? I often find myself playing this exhausting, time-consuming game, and it can be frustrating. If you find yourself trying to let go of anxious thoughts but they keep returning, you could be playing mental tug-of-war with anxiety. If you tend to overthink, playing tug-of-war too often, and would rather do something else, read on for insights into this annoying mental game and ways to put down the rope.

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Juliana Sabatello
Absolutely. I think a lot of us learned to keep quiet when someone intrudes by being too pushy with suggestions or invalidates us with unhelpful advice, but we aren’t true to ourselves when we’re disrespecting our own boundaries. Thanks for your comment!
I have the same. What is this condition ocd? Or bipolar? Do you have facebook I really need some type of support please I’m losing it.
Marilyn biondi
Well done! Interesting content and obviously from the heart.a lot of parents can use your info👍
Hang in there. I turned to God. Prayer, meditation work. Try to find some therapy for yourself. Maybe you need a medication change - I am not a Doctor, but sounds like you might be being over medicated...I was there a while back....feeling nothing inside. Just dead. I am doing a bit better now after a med change - but who knows how long it will last. This truly is the most awful disease ever. I was thinking about the pain of Bipolar today, and if someone (if it were even possible) told me if they lit my stomach on fire and I had to endure that pain until the fire could be put out, but I would be cured of my Bipolar Depression, I would say without a doubt, where's the gas can? If you've never felt the pain of Bipolar, one can probably not fathom that. Hang in there...Prayers are with you.