Rizza Bermio-Gonzalez
Anxiety can be paralyzing. I know that there have been many times when I have experienced anxiety and it has stopped me in my tracks, and I have felt that it was physically impossible to move forward.
Martha Lueck
Have you ever wished you could take back something you said to someone? Maybe after a stressful day, you took out your frustrations on a family member, friend, or partner. Maybe you said something inappropriate to a colleague or teacher. In any case, saying things you regret can have negative consequences and cause lasting feelings of guilt. Here are five ways to avoid regret from your words.
Juliana Sabatello
Many people are much more open to the idea of mental health counseling nowadays, but I still encounter people who don't understand the point of paying someone to listen to them when they have friends who will do that for free. They might make jokes about their friends giving them "free therapy" or call therapy a pointless waste of money. Not only is that opinion based on misinformation, but using a friend as you would a therapist can put an unfair burden on the relationship. 
Nori Rose Hubert
My last post examined harmful misconceptions about demisexuality (lack of sexual attraction without emotional intimacy) and how they are detrimental to the mental health of demi people. In this follow-up post, I want to talk about one of the most prevalent and harmful, yet -- in my opinion -- under-addressed issues in the queer community that causes immeasurable damage to mental and emotional health: biphobia.
Nicola Spendlove
It can be difficult to strike the balance between respecting a family member's right to confidentiality about their diagnosis, and recognizing your own need to vent. Here's how I handle this tricky issue.
Natasha Tracy
Because of bipolar and depression, I have a lack of motivation. Lack of motivation is not technically a symptom of depression according to the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition" ("DSM-5"), but in my experience, it's highly correlated. I must admit, I harshly judge this as being a personal flaw. Here's a look at how depression and a lack of motivation are linked and how a lack of motivation isn't really a personal flaw at all.
Cheryl Wozny
It can be hard to talk about a situation that involves verbal abuse. Many victims can be hesitant to share their verbal abuse stories, especially when they are afraid of backlash or gaslighting from others. This reluctance is a barrier that can keep individuals from leaving abuse, healing, and moving forward. 
Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC, DAIS
An anxiety-flare up is an unexpected return of anxiety after you thought you had worked through it. Despite how it may feel, it's not a sign that you're doomed to a life of high anxiety. When you gain a broader perspective on what an anxiety flare-up is, you can take steps to handle it and move forward again. 
TJ DeSalvo
I don’t know how many people feel limited by anxiety, but if I were to make a bet, I would say that quite a few people are impacted by the limitations of anxiety. So, I figured a post is recommended. When I am anxious, I find that there are certain things that I am unable to do because they are too mentally taxing. I’m not talking about things that I’m uncomfortable doing anyway – these are things that I love doing, things that I would ordinarily spend a lot of time doing if I wasn’t anxious. This post is about those things.
Annabelle Clawson
Hard conversations are, well, hard. Maybe you are avoiding one by waiting for another person to initiate because you don't want to ruin your relationship. Maybe you are avoiding one by convincing yourself that there's nothing to talk about and that issues will magically melt away soon enough. Most of the time, unfortunately, this isn't true. Most of the time, you need to have a difficult conversation.

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Hurt too many times by crazy bi-polar partner
Your comment at the end: he deserves love and happiness tells me everything about you. YOU DESERVE love and happiness! You deserve someone you can count on to be there for YOU during your hard times. We can call this but-polar or we could call it narcissistic and selfish behavior. Your guy is not your guy. He is a user and he plays you like a fiddle. Your self esteem at this point has to be like a pancake on the pavement. I’m sorry. Bi-polar or not your boyfriend is not a healthy choice and your life is now adding up to decades of disappointment. He needs help but not yours. He needs a psychiatrist’s help and meds. I won’t devote more precious time to his life long issues. It’s you I am concerned about. Run! Leave. Find a healthy partner who you can count on to be reliable and loving. This is not a 2 way relationship. Your life is passing you by. This relationship is going to scar you forever if you don’t move on, let go emotionally and make better choices in a life partner. I say run as fast as you can back to Canada and keep any conversation with him infrequent and superficial with no plans for the future.
I agree on seeking therapy or at least learning skills to manage cPTSD. I steered clear of asking for outside help for YEARS, until COVID sent me into a new low. I didn't want a diagnosis and I don't take medicine due to how it always affects me and dr's never listen to my request for older medicines or the fact that my body is very sensitive to medicines. Anyway, I was having suidicidal thoughts daily. And, although I didn't think I'd do it, I was scared that I may and sought out help. She heard me when I said I don't take medicines. She told me that cPTSD typically does not benefit from medicine. That we need to learn new skills to manage it. 8 months later, I am happy, no longer suicidal and I've found myself through the journey. Many things make more sense now. Please note, I'm 47 years old and its the first time I went to talk therapy completely honest. I'm not hypervigilant 24/7. I'm a new version of myself and am VERY happy I found a good therapist to help me through. There are so many out there just looking to make money off of you however they can. Mine said she thinks unless I feel I need to work on something more, that we are done meeting. That was very good news and reinforced that she isn't just stringing me along for money. ;-)
Mahevash Shaikh
Hi Taimoor,

I am so glad you like my blog and gain knowledge from it.

It's great that you have recovered and I hope you stay depression-free. But if you ever relapse, stay strong because you know you can beat depression :)
This is a great article. I feel exactly the same way. I don’t know what to do about it. Sometimes I just want to end it all and take my life. Maybe then I’d be at peace. The ups and downs I go through on a daily bases is tormenting me.