At various points in my life, boosting self-esteem has been a challenge for me, particularly as someone with lived experience with mental health issues. It is a complex and deeply personal journey that often feels like two steps forward and one step back. However, I have found that trying new activities can be an incredibly effective way to nurture and strengthen self-esteem. Whether it's a hobby, sport, or creative pursuit, stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing new experiences has played a crucial role in building my self-esteem and my overall well-being. 
The other day, as I sat by the window, I noticed a mother and her toddler stomping around in the fresh rain puddles in the apartment complex's parking lot. Before I realized it, a big smile spread across my face. Watching them laugh and run around made my heart happy. I realized it could be the little things that help get me through the day.
As someone who has struggled with guilt in gambling addiction recovery, I understand the overwhelming feelings of remorse and shame that can linger long after we've decided to quit gambling. I have also learned that guilt doesn't have to define our recovery. With the right strategies and support, it's possible to heal from the wounds of the past and move forward. In this article, I'll be sharing with you how to overcome guilt in your gambling recovery journey.
When it comes to setting appointments for the doctor, dentist, etc., anxiety can hold me back from getting it done. It seems like such a simple task but it can be extremely overwhelming. I can't let anxiety keep me from doing what needs to be done, so I have found a few things to help me when it comes to managing anxiety and setting appointments.
Do you often try to turn someone's frown upside down or calm down an angry person? If your answer to both questions is yes, you are probably a kind and caring individual. And that's great because if the world needs more of anything, it's considerate folks. That said, you need to know that you are not responsible for managing other people's feelings. Here's why.  
I've often felt left out of life. In fact, I often say I'm an alien. It's not because I'm green or have bug eyes; it's because my experience of life is so radically different from that of your average person. I'm obviously not the only one. People with serious mental illness (or other chronic illnesses) often feel left out of life. I'm going to take a look at why this is and how we can feel more included.
I've found that relaxation techniques can help my anxiety. During times of intense anxiety, I regularly experience a racing heart, worried thoughts, and quick breathing. It can leave me feeling helpless and out of control. That's why I find easy relaxation techniques to be so beneficial in helping me regain a sense of calm. More importantly, realizing that I can control my anxiety by using specific techniques has empowered me to feel more capable of managing my worries long-term. Learn more about how I help my anxiety with relaxation techniques.
Overcoming codependency is a significant milestone in anyone's journey. Growing up, I felt like my emotions were too complex, strong, or nuanced to share. The community I was raised in didn't encourage open emotional expression, so I kept my feelings to myself. This environment is particularly detrimental for someone with borderline personality disorder (BPD), where the ability to express and validate emotions is crucial for mental stability and self-understanding. But I've found I can overcome codependency.
Binge eating disorder can be a formidable challenge during the tumultuous teenage years, but having supportive parents can make a world of difference. Here's how I managed to overcome binge eating with the unwavering support of my parents.
Do your thoughts scare you? Have you ever been busy doing something when a disturbing thought suddenly occurred to you and left you shocked? Does this happen frequently? Don't worry, you are not losing your mind. Instead, the thoughts that scare you are probably intrusive thoughts.

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It is invariably the case that I see most things differently from other people. Instead of inviting arguments, prying questions or other annoying interactions regarding my views, I just listen to them - not because I particularly care what they think - but more to avoid having to say anything. In today’s shallow, utterly vapid society, engaging with most people is a complete waste of time so I don’t bother trying to socialize.
I'm 15 and yesterday my mom did a few things that angered me and instead of talking to her about it like a civilized human being, I was off the charts out of line. I was very disrespectful, I was very upset with myself, so I started praying to God that he would take me away from my family because they're good people who don't deserve an awful daughter. I often slapped or pinched myself when I was mad and there was a time where I didn't put on body cream after a shower because I knew it would really harm my skin and hurt me because I had sensitive skin and then yesterday, I took a nail clipper and glided the sharp part against my skin so I can feel the pain of the mistakes I made. And since the age of twelve I would pray that God would take me away so that I wouldn't make mistakes anymore. I'm not suicidal and I don't want to be a horrible person. But often times I let my emotions get the best of me, and I tried to go to sleep to calm myself and I'm awake and certainly calmer but I'm feeling this abundance amount of guilt. And I'm now avoiding my mom afraid I'll mess up or again or that I'll never be loved again. I no longer have any idea on what to do.
Norma Greenwood
I have struggled with getting lost all my life . I am left handed but was forced to use my right hand as a chikd and always blamed thus for my poor sense of direction. I hate the insecure feeling that comes with nit being sure of which way to find The restroom. exit i
I’ve always made a joke of it, but i It really runs my life since I’m a person who loves Travel and exploring new places.
Want to help my loved one but she refuses to seek therapy. Persecutor has trashed our home and slashed our tires. Burns and cuts self then little texts crisis line and police respond with wellness check and that never goes well. Family is exhausted and seemingly helpless to relieve beloved host daughter who is trapped. How can i help???
Hi, I suffer from Bipolar type 2 and I hate to say this, but it seems that although she may have BPD, how she acts and treats you is more of a narcissistic problem and not a Bipolar one. I push people away at times as I feel a burden to everyone that I love. But being BIpolar is not an excuse to cheat on you and make you feel unloved or hurt. Please try to move on, you do not need that negativity in your life. You deserve to be treated with respect. Yes, having Bipolar does cause mood swings, mania and depression. We struggle, but personally I do not disrespect people. I am totally self aware. Hope you find the happiness that you deserve.