Mental Illness and Anger

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Mental Illness and Anger

Do you have anger issues? Have you found it difficult to control your anger?

If you look down the symptom list of various mental illnesses, you'll see "anger" there. Anger is connected with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, personality disorders and others. Why is anger a symptom of mental illness? For the most part, people without mental health problems aren't carrying a lot of anger inside over a prolonged period of time. They also have the capacity to control their anger. For those with a mental health condition, anger can be simmering below the surface ready to bubble up at a moment's notice.

There's also the issue of depression and impulsivity. When a person is depressed, many times they don't care how they come across. And with impulsivity, a lack of control, a person may just blurt out their feelings and not think about the ramifications.

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