Seeking Mental Health Info Online? Know Benefits, Limits

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Do you go online for mental health information? How do you know if it’s trustworthy? And should you take other people’s advice for your mental health? Read this.

Seeking Mental Health Info Online? Know Benefits, Limits

When you need mental health information, do you hop online? Most people do because they can take charge of their own learning and mental health. There are many benefits to gathering information online. These are a few of them:

  • Many resources are available, from articles to blogs to suggested books to psychological tests to social media. Sites like HealthyPlace offer a plethora of valuable, trustworthy resources.
  • You can learn about your mental health symptoms and, if you have a diagnosis, gain insights into your disorder.
  • Making use of treatment information can help you manage and overcome obstacles.
  • Interacting with others can keep you connected and help you gain new perspectives.

Nothing is perfect of course, including using the Internet for gathering mental health information. Some caveats:

  • Avoid trying to diagnose yourself. Symptoms presented online are general; doctors and therapists know about disorders and challenges in greater depth and in your personal context.
  • Spending countless hours surfing for answers usually end in frustration and confusion. Set time limits.
  • Watch where you go. Not every website is reputable.
  • Remember that not everyone tells the truth or gives sound advice. Pick and choose what you accept.

Overall, the Internet can be a useful resource. Just create boundaries and take precautions, and you can reap mental health benefits.

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