The ABCs of Cognitive Therapy

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The ABCs of Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), seek to help people change their thoughts. We all have automatic negative beliefs about ourselves and the world that shape how we feel and act. Improving overall mental health and wellbeing by changing unhealthy thought patterns (like “shoulds,” all-or-nothing thinking, or mind-reading) can be very effective.

Simply telling yourself to think differently, though, isn’t very effective at all. Many therapists use the ABCDEF model to help people dispute and modify automatic negative thoughts.

  • A = Activating Event. What event, person, or situation causes the negative thoughts that cascade into negative emotions and behaviors?
  • B = Beliefs. What do you believe about your “A”? How do you interpret it?
  • C = Consequences. Specifically, what happens because of your belief?
  • D = Dispute. Question your beliefs and responses to the activating events. Look for evidence that your beliefs aren’t true.
  • E = Effective. You begin to change your thoughts to form effective new beliefs.
  • F = Feelings. With your changing thoughts come new feelings and emotions.

Engaging in the entire process leads to lasting improvements in thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Cognitive therapists inform us that it’s not an event that causes problems but rather our beliefs about the event. Remembering your ABCs (and DEFs) can help you improve your own mental health.

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