Tips for Staying Mentally Healthy During the Winter

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Mental health during the winter can be a challenge. Learn 3 easy tips to stay mentally healthy this winter at HealthyPlace.

Tips for Staying Mentally Healthy During the Winter

Is your mental health affected by winter? You’re not alone.

Perhaps you’ve noticed (if you’re in the northern hemisphere) that it’s getting dark out earlier and earlier. In many places, it’s cold. We have an old survival instinct to stuff ourselves with comfort foods, curl up in a blanket, and hibernate. How do we stay mentally healthy? These tips are designed for winter mental health.

  • Listen to your body. Winter’s low light causes the brain to prepare for sleep more than it does in the summer months. Try going to bed 20-30 minutes earlier than usual. You might consider working in a power nap of about 30 minutes during the day.
  • Feed your winter hunger wisely. Stock up on nutritious foods. Eat nuts, yogurt, sweet potatoes, crackers and hummus dip, and other healthy foods instead of junk food. You’ll boost both mental and physical health.
  • Move! It’s fun to curl up in a blanket and read or watch movies, but our bodies still need movement for wellbeing. Set a timer to buzz every hour, and when it does, get up and walk around, stretch, climb stairs, or dance wildly. It’s a powerful mental health enhancer.

Try these, and see if they help create positive thoughts, healthy emotions, and the energy to resist hibernation. They could boost your mental health over the winter.

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