Trusting Yourself, Others When You Live with Mental Illness

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Trusting yourself when you have a mental illness is tricky, but it can be done. Learn 3 ideas on how to develop trust in yourself at HealthyPlace

Trusting Yourself, Others When You Live with Mental Illness

A common complaint among people living with mental illness is that trust becomes very difficult. Many different types of mental illness, each for their own unique reasons, can make it difficult for people to trust themselves or others. For example,

How to Develop Trust When Mental Illness Takes It Away

You can develop trust in spite of mental illness.

  • Being mindful of what’s going on right now keeps your thoughts and feelings in the present. Trust happens in the present rather than in the past or future.
  • When talking to others, listen fully to their words. The mind makes assumptions and jumps to conclusions, which leads to mistrust. Attend to the content of the words instead of your thoughts about the words.
  • Believe in yourself. Every day, do something small that is just out of your comfort zone. By building small successes, you are building trust in yourself.

Trust is an ongoing process, something that can be strengthened over time. Know that mental illness is playing tricks, and take steps to develop trust anyway.

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