How to Make Your Own Positivity Wall

A positivity wall can help you become more optimistic in life, especially if you have mental health challenges. Learn how to make one on HealthyPlace.

Creating a positivity wall is a highly effective way to improve your outlook on life. Whether you want to become more positive, boost your confidence or achieve a specific goal, looking at a wall of beautiful images and quotes will only bolster your mind's power. Here, you will learn how to make a positivity wall and the benefits that come along with it.

What Is a Positivity Wall?

A positivity wall is a display of positive images, quotes, and affirmations in your home or workplace. The purpose of this wall of positivity is to give you a visual focus for your life. That way, you'll have a selection of inspiring images to look at when you feel depressed or unmotivated ("Positivity for Depression: Is That Even Possible?"). After all, it’s easier to think more positively when you are faced with visual reminders of what makes you feel good.

Do Positivity Walls Work?

We now know that positive thinking supports brain growth and encourages the reinforcement of new synapses. In other words, focusing on the positive rather than the negative is not only good for your mental wellbeing, it’s also good for your physical health ("Does False Positivity, Fake Positivity Help or Hurt You?").

According to Traci Stein, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and adjunct professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College:

“Psychologists have known for decades that the images you create in your mind can have a potent effect on your body; now researchers are proving it.”

And what better way to create positive images in the brain than to fill your home with positive words and images? Positivity walls are particularly effective because they help you visualize goals that are deeply personal. Over time, you will learn what words and images build you up and make you feel that you’re ready to take on the world.

How to Make a Wall of Positivity

It’s easy to make your own positivity wall, but there is no set way of doing it. Only you can decide what you want to display and how you want it to look. You might choose inspirational quotes, images, spiritual passages, photographs of people you love, positive wallpaper, decals, or all of the above.

Before you make a start on your wall, create a mock-up in your journal or scrapbook. That way, you can decide which layouts you like best, whether you’re more driven towards words or images, and If you want a particular color scheme for your wall of positivity.

Here are some positivity wall ideas to get you started:

  • Chalkboard wall: If you own your apartment or have permission to paint, you can create a chalkboard wall in your home using a pot of chalkboard paint. Once it’s dry, you can write and draw on your wall using erasable chalkboard pens. This way, you can keep your ideas and quotes fresh according to what inspires you.
  • Gallery wall: A gallery wall is typically a collection of framed images or quotes arranged artfully. You can create a gallery wall anywhere in your home, but it is most effective where you will see it often – for instance, above your desk.  
  • Poetry wall: If you’re driven by uplifting literature, a wall of inspirational poems and quotes from your favorite novels could be just what you need to help you refocus and make you feel more positive. Why not write them out in your best handwriting or learn calligraphy to make your wall even more personal and allow the quotes to sink in?
  • Affirmations wall: Some people find writing down their affirmations much more effective than saying them out loud. Spend time researching affirmations online or create your own – for example, “I am strong and capable” or “I am resilient.”

Anyone Can Make a Positivity Wall

Positivity wall art is a fun way to encourage optimism and care for your mental health, and anyone can do it. Thanks to the free printables available on sites like Pinterest, it doesn’t have to be an expensive project and you don’t need artistic skills or equipment to get started.

Creating a positivity wall is a creative and proactive way to help you become a more positive person. You can also change and rearrange the components of your wall to incorporate new goals and passions so that it grows with you. What’s on your positivity wall?

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