The End Of Innocence

Four lives touched by the tragedy of sexual abuse, and betrayed trust. Mary Ellen chose to record her own story by herself. Today she is an advocate for victims of sexual abuse in honor of her son, Stephen. She is active in the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests and Voice Of The Faithful. Anne recorded her story at home with the assistance of her roommate, Mary. Anne actively seeks healing through counseling and has received emotional support from SNAP. Tim recorded his own story. After Tim demanded his apology, many others received their long awaited apologies from the Archdiocese. Carol was interviewed by Tim for this report. Tim was abused by Carol's brother, Norman. When Tim brought criminal charges against Norman, Carol supported Tim and helped him deliver a final message to Norman before his death. Together, they held a press conference which encouraged more of Norman's victims to come forward and seek the help they need to heal. Carol has written a book about her experience.