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It's bothered me at times that as a male, I've been accused of thinking about sex often. I hear phrases by the females of my species that would suggest that thinking about sex often throughout the day is a negative activity. Many derogatory remarks surround the male thinking in regards to sex and how the activity of sex for men is not in line with what might be considered in our society as caring, nurturing, or respectful. So, why do men think about sex? Have we been trained from young boys to do so? Have we been trained to have sex and then leave the scene with very few words? Are we uncaring and disrespectful in our approach to sex? Maybe we do care a great deal and have an enormous respect for it, but in a way that nature intended and not as defined by the females of our species.

It appears to me that the male mammals on our planet have been engineered by nature to do something very important. This something ensures the continuance of each of our species of mammal so they do not fall into the throws of extinction. This something is the very essence of our existence.

Mammals reproduce.

Male mammals reproduce as often as possible. It is the core of their being. They eat and reproduce and they are engineered by nature to do so. It is a characteristic that is miraculous and should be celebrated by each species. If males had not been engineered to have this characteristic, we would parish. Our species would cease to exist. We did not choose this attribute; we were given it as a special gift by nature just as females were given the special gift of baring the life that, male and female create. We celebrate the miracle of growing children and the baring of them in the female of our species. I believe it to be important to also celebrate the miracle of reproductive desires by the male of our species and not judge nature's decision to engineer males in her way. . . as a negative.

It is one of the miracles of being a man. It is a celebrated process. It is life.

What nature has engineered males to care about, whether they want to or not, is the continuance of our species. This is a very noble purpose in the cycle of life on our planet. We have tremendous respect for this process and its important not to speak negatively about it to our children or to each other. Saying it is derogatory for men to want to have sex many times throughout the day is similar to saying it is derogatory for women to want to have babies. Both are important. Both are noble.

Shaming men for having been engineered by nature to want to reproduce is as destructive as shaming women for having been engineered by nature to want to have children.

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