What Will You Remember?

Mother writes to daughter and asks: "What will you choose to remember about our time together?"

Dear Kristen,

How sad it is that we cheat ourselves and others, sometimes, by our limited view. This past weekend was a rainy, dismal Easter Sunday. Daddy and I tried very hard to make it special for you. We gave you a basket from the Easter Bunny. We had a special Easter talk over a big breakfast. We took you to a store to pick out a small treat. We took you bowling. Then we went out for pizza, planning to top it off with ice cream for desert. While waiting for our food, you decided that you wanted to run around the restaurant. I told you that you couldn't run, but you could walk. You looked at me, pouted, and said in a long, suffering little voice, "I never get to have any fun!"

Kids! How easily and innocently they negate us, merely by choosing what to focus on. It reminds me of one winter when my friend Amy and I went to New Hampshire for an overnight. Amy called home to check on her daughter and husband. Neil, one of the most dedicated and loving fathers I know, answered the phone. Amy asked him about their day. He told her that they had just gotten home. They had had a "Celia Day." These are special days when little Celia gets to set the agenda. They had gone to "TOYS R' US," where Celia had picked out a toy, next a movie, then off to McDonalds, and finally they were going to settle in with popcorn and a story. When Celia came to the phone and Amy asked her about her day, her immediate response was, "Mommy, Daddy didn't get me any black licorice!" That was it, her entire summary. My heart went out to Neil. I knew how he must have felt.

Krissie, what will you choose to remember about our time together? Please store away somewhere in your heart - our laughter, our embraces, our adventures, our dates... Save a place for these memories. We may need them someday...

Love, Mom

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