Bipolar Treatment and How to Find the Right Psychiatrist

April 5, 2018 Hannah Blum

Finding the right psychiatrist for your bipolar disorder treatment isn't easy. So, how do you find the best psychiatrist for yourself? Read this on HealthyPlace.

Finding the right psychiatrist for your bipolar disorder treatment isn't as simple as picking a name out of hat or going to the one who's closest to where you live or work. So, if you have bipolar disorder, how do you find the best psychiatrist for yourself?

Recently, I did a YouTube video, "Have Bipolar? 3 Tips for Finding the Right Psychiatrist". Because the topic is so important, I wanted to use this blog post to go into more detail.

Dr. Psychiatrist, Here's What I Want From My Bipolar Treatment

Before setting up an appointment with a psychiatrist, it's essential to sit down and answer some questions yourself.

Write these down and put some thought into it. A couple of years after my diagnosis of bipolar 2 disorder, I realized that I had to be more assertive and clear when it came to treatment. Asking myself these questions made me feel more secure going to appointments. The way I define happiness is by being an active part of society, creating, being social and feeling good enough to live instead of just existing. It is different for everyone because we are individuals. So the way you define happiness may not be the same as others, and that is perfectly fine.

Ask Questions When Seeing a New Psychiatrist

When seeing a new psychiatrist for your bipolar treatment, treat it like an interview, but you are the one asking the questions. When living with bipolar disorder, many feel powerless when it comes to their treatment. I met with many psychiatrists who rejected my questions. One individual pointed towards her MD diploma framed on the wall and said, "I am the expert and you are the patient." However, I am not her patient; I am her client.

Asking your psychiatrist questions is you wanting to have more responsibility and input in your treatment. Why is that such a problem? In my experience, I have concluded that finding the right psychiatrist is the foundation for success when you live with bipolar disorder. You want to make sure it's a psychiatrist that you can comfortably voice your concerns to and share your goals for the future with. (How to Choose a Good Psychiatrist)

Do Not Settle Until You Find the Right Psychiatrist

Do not settle until you find a psychiatrist that is not only an expert in treating bipolar disorder but who agrees to help you accomplish your mental health goals. There is no quick fix for bipolar disorder or any mental health condition, and this is just the reality. However, you want to live the best life you can.

Recently, someone said to me, "You don't get it because you found a solution instantly, and the rest of us are not that lucky." First off, I have not found a solution. However, because I did not settle and worked hard, I did find a good treatment plan that allows me to thrive.

Michael Jordan did not wake up one day as the best basketball player in history. In fact, Michael Jordan got cut from his middle school basketball team. He felt like a failure and was justifiably disappointed in himself as people voiced their negative opinion about his athletic skills. Despite the negative talk from those around him, Michael did not give up. He did not settle and fought to find coaches who believed in him. Coaches who could make him get to where he wanted to go. Settling on a bipolar disorder treatment plan that doesn't work for you and a doctor who will help you go nowhere is pointless.

My bipolar treatment plan and routine of medications are not a cure for bipolar disorder. I still live on a rollercoaster, but I decently control the speed of it today to the best of my ability. It all started with my psychiatrist. She and I worked together to find the treatment plan that would allow me to be an individual living with bipolar disorder, instead of being consumed by it.

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