Anxiety and Pregnancy

Here is a quick update to let you know how things are going for me lately with my anxiety. Morning sickness tends to feel a lot like morning anxiety and is throwing me for a loop these days.
Anxious self-talk influences me every morning. Although I know morning sickness is a good sign pregnancy-wise, ingrained into my subconscious I feel throwing up is a setback. I know the anxiety is because of something I am telling myself (aka negative, anxious self-talk). To figure this all out, I know I have to do a writing exercise.  So far, it is the best skill I have learned to help me overcome and manage my anxiety.
In our society, it is widely known one should wait until after their first trimester before breaking the good news of pregnancy to friends and family. This is because after the first trimester, the risk of miscarriage significantly decreases. The idea is that if you tell people you are pregnant and then miscarry, that it would be painful to have to tell everyone that you lost the baby. It's a way to protect yourself from pain. After spending the day in the ER with the suspicion of having a miscarriage, I realized doing this may prevent additional pain but it also shuts out the opportunity to feel love and support.
I had an extremely shocking and surreal day yesterday. I had a suspicion, and it took a couple of tests to come up with conclusive results. Mr. T is out of town all week, so I had to tell him over the phone. I couldn't keep this to myself for so long. I found out that I am pregnant.