Feeling Anxious About the Unknown

January 21, 2021 Rizza Bermio-Gonzalez

There have been so many changes that have happened in the world this past year, leaving us with anxiety about the unknown. Along with that, I have personally experienced many changes in my life. Typically, I experience anxiety with any change that happens, and this last year has been no different. However, with so many changes happening throughout the world, it has become even more important to take specific steps to prevent from becoming overwhelmed with anxious feelings.

What Anxiety About the Unknown Feels Like to Me

When I know that changes are on the horizon, whether they are positive or negative changes, I tend to find myself experiencing quite a bit of anxiety about those unknown changes. This is not usually due to anything that has previously happened; instead, it is usually due to not knowing what will happen in the future and feeling very insecure about it. I often find myself intensely overthinking about what could potentially happen and, as a result, feeling very anxious about all of the possibilities. This line of thinking can become so overwhelming that I will lose sleep at night, have difficulty focusing, and experience the physical symptoms that are often characteristic of anxiety.

How I Deal with Feeling Anxious About the Unknown

When I feel anxious about the unknown, there are a few strategies that I typically find helpful. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the unknown, try these strategies:

  1. Talk to someone about it. Having a strong support system is so important, and when you struggle with chronic anxiety, it becomes critical to have someone in your corner who will support you unconditionally. When I feel anxious about anything that is uncertain, and I start to feel my thoughts spiral out of control, I reach out to someone I trust. Doing so helps to keep those negative emotions that threaten to overwhelm me at bay.
  2. Stay grounded by focusing on the present. Staying grounded is a strategy that is often helpful for chronic anxiety. When I overthink and overanalyze possible outcomes about situations, and I feel my anxiety start to increase, being mindful of focusing on my senses at the moment helps me to calm my breathing and my heart rate. Additionally, it also helps to be mindful of the things I say to myself in the present. Focusing on framing any negative self-talk into positive self-talk helps me to stay grounded as well.
  3. Stay distracted. You may find that this anxiety stems from things that you have no control over. This can be extremely difficult because you are not in control of the outcome. Feeling as though you have no control can then feel overwhelming. When feeling overwhelmed, I find it helpful to direct my attention towards other things, such as doing something I enjoy. Sometimes, something as simple as completing daily tasks such as laundry or cooking dinner is enough of a distraction to help relieve those anxious feelings that threaten to overwhelm me.

Try these strategies to help you when you feel anxious about the unknown. Share any strategies that you use in the comments below.

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Author: Rizza Bermio-Gonzalez

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