Gay Teen Suicide Emergency Numbers

Here's a list of nationwide emergency and crisis numbers. If you are in crisis, 1st call 911 while you're looking in the front of your local yellow pages. That's where you'll usually find the local suicide prevention hotline or crisis center. You can also try your local Gay-Lesbian Center, which usually offers referrals for counseling, domestic violence and suicide prevention. If you can't get through to any of those, try one of the crisis line below.


Visit* which contains conversations and writings for suicidal persons to read. If you're feeling at all suicidal, be sure to read this page. It might just save your life.

Girls and Boys Town Crisis Line
24 hours a day, every day
800.448.3000, or for TDD 800.448.1833

  1. Alcohol a Drug Abuse Hotline 800-ALCOHOL 800.454.8966
  2. Boys Town National Crisis Line - 24 hours a day, every day: the only national crisis line that children and parents can call with any problem, any time. You can refer troubled families to the Hotline which is staffed by caring professionals. 800.448.3000 or for TDD call 800.448.1833
  3. California Missing Children - 800.222.3463
  4. Center for Disease Control and Prevention,
  5. Child Find/A Way Out - 800.292.9688
    Emergency and free mediation services.
  6. Child Find of America, PO Box 277, New Platz, NY 12561 800.426.5678 Leave a message.
  7. Childhelp USA's National Child Abuse Hotline - 800.422.4453
  8. Children of the Night, Short term crisis - 800.551.1300
  9. National Hopeline Network Crisis Hotline -
    800.SUICIDE 784-2433 24/7 Website (administration 1 800 442 4673)
  10. Cocaine Helpline - 800.262.2463
  11. Covenant House Nineline, Short-term crisis 800.999.9999 24 hours
  12. Gay and Lesbian National Hotline - 888-843-4564
  13. Gay and Transgender Hate Crime Hotline - 800-616-HATE
  14. (GLBT) Youth Support Line - 800-850-8078
  15. Grief Recovery Helpline - 6a-9p PST - 800.445.4808
  16. - a service for young people which also addresses issues in addition to suicide.
  17. Mental Health Crisis Line- 800.222.8220
  18. Metanoia - Contains conversations and writings for suicidal persons to read. If you're feeling at all suicidal, be sure to read this page before you take any action. It might just save your life.
  19. National Adolescent Suicide Hotline - 800-621-4000
  20. National AIDS Hotline - English - 1-800-232-4636
  21. National Center for Missing a Exploited Children - 24-hour hotline at 800.843.5678 and see Missing Children
  22. National Child Abuse Hotline - 800.422.4453
  23. National Child Pornography Tipline and CyberTipline - Handles calls fromindividuals reporting the sexual exploitation of children through the production and distribution of pornography. 800.843.5678 or
  24. National Council on Child Abuse a Family Violence - 800.222.2000
  25. National Crisis Helpline - for use in locating the nearest crisis service in the United States - 800.999.9999
  26. National Life Center Hotline/Pregnancy Hotline - 800.848.5683
  27. National Resource Center on Child Sexual Abuse - 800.KIDS.006
  28. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 800-273-TALK
  29. National Victim Center Infolink - M-F 8:30a-5:30p - 800.FYI.CALL
  30. National Youth Crisis Hotline CA - crisis for runaways, parents needing immediate assistance - 800.448.4673
  31. Oklahoma TEENLINE 800.522.8336 Hours: noon to midnight This number is available throughout the US
  32. Suicide Prevention Crisis Lines - Call 911
  33. Texas Youth Hotline 800.210.2278 24 hours a day. Free call from anywhere in Texas or click here.
  34. The Trevor Project - 24-hour suicide prevention hotline for gay youths. Call before you fall: The Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization named for the short film about a 13-year-old boy who attempts suicide because of his sexuality, has established a national toll free, 24-hour suicide prevention hotline for gay youths. 866.488.7386.

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