How Do I Know If I'm a Lesbian?

How do I know if I'm a lesbian? is a common question. Get insight into how to tell if you are a lesbian.

I Think I Am a Lesbian...

...but I've never had sex with a girl. This is okay, most straight people do not rush into having sex in order to confirm their sexuality, they just know. Just take your time and do what is both natural and comfortable.

What Percentage of the Population is Lesbian?

It's estimated that about ten percent of the population is homosexual, although specific numbers are hard to find. Since no census of homosexuals exists, and we would not be able to confirm the accuracy of any census due to people still in the closet anyways, it is just guesswork. Although a study of human sexuality in the 1950s found that most people are attracted to both sexes to some degree.

Is Lesbianism Normal?

Being a lesbian is normal for lesbians. If it is normal for you is a question that only you can answer, and a question you must answer.

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