4 Tips for Preserving Your Mental Health During Difficulties

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While we can’t escape difficulties in life, we can take active steps to prevent them from negatively impacting our mental health. Learn how at HealthyPlace.

Everyone faces difficult situations. We sometimes clash with others, have a bad situation pop up during an otherwise smooth day, or just generally have days when everything seems to go wrong. While we can’t escape difficulties, we can take active steps to prevent them from negatively impacting our mental health and emotional health. Try these tips.

  • Take a few deep breaths. Deep breathing does two important things: It calms your nervous system; it also gives your mind an anchor point, something to focus on instead of heated emotions and thoughts.
  • Balance your perspective. Name what you are experiencing and feeling so you can face it directly rather than trying to fight or avoid it. However, to avoid getting stuck in thoughts about it, broaden your perspective. Notice something different: What else is happening in this moment? Remind yourself what you enjoy or are grateful for about your bigger picture.
  • Decide what you need right now. Do you need to step away? Release tension with a brisk walk? Nourish your body and brain with something healthy to eat or drink? A brief meditation to calm down? A talk with a friend or cuddle with a pet? Whatever it is, give yourself what you need as soon as you can.
  • Choose one positive action step. What practical thing can you do that will help resolve the conflict and move you forward?

While difficulties are unpleasant, by taking the above steps you can prevent them from taking over your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

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