Emotionally Stuck? Improve Your Relationship with Your Emotions

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Emotionally Stuck? Improve Your Relationship with Your Emotions

Are you emotionally stuck? Emotions can get a bad rap; however, emotions are part of the human experience and are a way our brain communicates with us. For example, fear warns us of potential danger so we can take measures to remain safe. Sadness tells us something needs our attention, and joy reinforces something good so we do more of it. Feeling emotions isn’t problematic. Difficulties happen when we get stuck in our emotions and begin to react.

A few ways we get trapped by our emotions:

  • Trying to fight them or desperately trying to keep them
  • Being unaware of how we’re reacting to them
  • Using them to evaluate the quality of our lives

You don’t have to remain emotionally stuck. These tips can help you improve your relationship with your emotions, yourself, and your life.

  • Remember that emotions are neither good nor bad; they simply are
  • Rather than struggling against them, acknowledge and allow your feelings to exist (struggling keeps you stuck)
  • When feelings are strong, simply breathe and notice them to give yourself space before reacting
  • In that pause created by your breath, make a choice that aligns with your values: What action will move you closer to what you want, and what would move you farther away?
  • Remember that you are not your emotions, and emotions don’t define the quality of your life

With acceptance and awareness, you can make your emotions work for you.

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