End the Isolation Caused by Mental Illness

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A sense of isolation is common when dealing with mental illness. Find 3 tips to connect and overcome isolation at HealthyPlace

End the Isolation Caused by Mental Illness

Living with mental illness can create a sense of isolation and loneliness. Sometimes, just leaving the house can lead to anxiety and panic attacks. Depression and so many other mental health disorders can make people want to isolate because being alone, in a quiet, calm place, feels easier than facing the overstimulating world. Yet it is by ending the isolation that we achieve mental health.

Wanting to end the isolation can be hard. What are people supposed to do when they feel isolated and would like to reach out? Try these tips for reaching out and connecting to overcome isolation.

  • Start small. Don't pressure yourself to crash a wedding and be the life of the party. Small steps are what lead to big life satisfaction.
  • Do what you love. Use a service such as or read the community events section of your local newspaper to find interest groups that appeal to you.
  • Volunteer. Offer an hour of your time a week at a humane society, soup kitchen, or whatever appeals to your strengths and interests.

Isolation is tempting, but it can increase mental illness symptoms and lead to a loneliness that is hard to shake. Use your interests to begin to reach out. Connection, and wellbeing, are possible.

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