Workplace Mental Health: How to Protect Yours

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Is your workplace hurting your mental health? Learn how to protect and improve your mental health at work with these tips from HealthyPlace.

Workplace Mental Health: How to Protect Yours

Many people spend a significant portion of their lives at work, and if your workplace causes misery because it’s negative, your mental health can suffer. It can also recover.

How Your Workplace Can Hurt Your Mental Health

Unhealthy work environments can involve toxic supervisors, workplace bullying, inflexible policies, lack of control and freedom, or negative coworkers.  

Workplace mental health challenges that can arise as a result include:

  • Heightened stress
  • Burnout
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Declining self-confidence
  • Substance use
  • Sleep problems

Protecting and Improving Your Mental Health at Your Job

It’s possible to take control of your own mental health at work and make your job more positive. Try these tips:

  • Identify what is right and what is wrong. Increase what is right. Address what is wrong.
  • Respect yourself; you don’t need approval from people you dislike.
  • Connect with positive people.
  • Calm your mind and body with deep breathing and mindfulness.
  • Make your own space a happy place. Include reminders of your values and goals.
  • Practice stress management outside of work.
  • When you are off work, be fully off. Focus on family, friends, and things you enjoy.

Workplace mental health is important. If you are in a toxic work environment, affect what you can—which is usually yourself.

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