Living with a Mental Illness: Tired of Stereotypes and Stigma

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Living with a Mental Illness: Tired of Stereotypes and Stigma

Living with a Mental Illness: Tired of Stereotypes and Stigma It seems people living with a mental illness are fed up with stereotypes of what it's like to have bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. Across our social networks this week, we asked our community members what most bothered them about having a mental illness. Here are a few responses:

  • Carolyn Clark (FB): Stereotypes and narrow mindedness toward mental illness and the effects it can have.
  • Scott P. Smith (FB) The public's stereotype that I'm either homicidal or suicidal just because I'm bipolar.
  • Grace M. Druzba (FB) That I am defective and therefore second class - someone not to breed with.
  • @kailejocelyn: I hate being known as "that girl who cuts" or "that girl who tried to kill herself" or "that girl who starves herself."
  • @leah_michal: Loss of credibility in a lot of situations.
  • @bipolarvoice: Stigma from others; the fact that your opinion can be treated as inferior if someone thinks you're in an episode.

What about you? What bothers you most about having a mental illness? We invite you to participate by commenting and sharing your feelings, experiences and knowledge on the HealthyPlace Facebook page.

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