Mental Health Challenges Are Overwhelming: How to Center

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Living with a mental health diagnosis or experiencing mental health difficulties that may not be considered a disorder can be overwhelming. All mental health disorders and difficulties have some things in common that can make daily living hard. Here are some of the challenges of living with a mental health condition:

  • They don’t wait until we have nothing else to do before they strike. Life and its demands, rather than being put on hold while we recover, continue in full force.
  • While symptoms differ between the different mental health disorders and experiences, all of them affect thoughts, emotions, the physical body, and actions. They disrupt our lives and how we want to live them.
  • They are exhausting (because of their symptoms and effects and also because they often interfere in sleep). When we’re fatigued, the ordinary tasks of daily living seem more overwhelming.

Despite this, you can do specific things to make life feel less overwhelming even while still facing mental health challenges.

  • Identify what will make this moment better. Focus just on one single present moment rather than your entire life vision.
  • Do just one thing you can do right now to make your moment just a little bit better. (Perhaps organize just your immediate surroundings, walk to the mailbox, stretch, breathe, eat a healthy snack, drink a glass of water, text or call someone. Just pick one small action and do it now.
  • Communicate your needs. Speak up for yourself, say no, set limits.

Doing these things can help you feel more centered and mentally healthy, one moment at a time.

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