Mental Illness Decimates Self-Image, Sense of Self-Worth

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Mental illness can destroy your self-image. Despite what mental illness says to you, you do have strengths and worth. Read to learn more.

Mental Illness Decimates Self-Image, Sense of Self-Worth

Mental illness can destroy your self-image. You see, a tragic effect of mental illness is how it can make you feel about yourself. Living with mental illness affects the way you think, how you feel about yourself, others, and your life, and the things you believe you can and can’t do. A relentless bully, mental illness damages self-esteem and sense of self-worth. The more you listen to its loud (albeit false) accusations of your inherent value, the more your self-image and sense of self-worth takes a hit.

Mental illness distorts thinking. This means that the negative thoughts you have about yourself aren’t accurate. In reality, you are a complete person, not an illness. You have strengths and positive traits. It’s hard, but you can come to see them and believe in yourself.

  • Start by acknowledging it and know that it may take some time to fully believe it.
  • Spend time identifying your positive traits and qualities. Catch yourself doing little things you’re proud of, reflect on your traits in a journal, and/or keep a running list of your positive qualities that you add to regularly.
  • Do something every day to use one of your positive qualities.

Be kind to yourself. You’re not your mental illness, and with persistence, your voice will be much louder than that of your illness.


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