Negative Mental Illness Terms: Think Before You Speak

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There are some things that should be left unsaid, including negative terms for mental health. Learn what some of them are and what to say instead at HealthyPlace.

Negative Mental Illness Terms: Think Before You Speak

In the today's world, people tend to say phrases that may be hurtful; many times, without even thinking about it. Sometimes, these phrases target specific populations – like those struggling with mental illness. Statements such as, "You're acting bipolar" is one phrase that seems to be greatly overused. Other sayings such as, "You're so gay" and "That's retarded" are also just as hurtful and need to be recognized and stopped.

Why are these negative mental illness sayings thrown around with such ease? (Worst Thing To Say To A Person With Bipolar Disorder) It may be due to the lack of knowledge about mental illness. In addition, kids and teens have become so numb to the words they utter, they are ignorant about the ramifications. When someone struggling with bipolar disorder hears - "he's been so bipolar lately" - that comment may send them into a depression and lead to fear about ever opening up about their demons.

These derogatory comments minimize mental illness. It's crucial to think before you speak. And if you hear someone spewing those phrases or comments, maybe next time you'll think about pointing that out.

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