Famous People with Dependent Personality Disorder

Read about famous people and celebrities with dependent personality disorder. Watch movies featuring people with dependent personality disorder.

There aren't any authoritative news stories or other valid media outlets listing famous people with dependent personality disorder. By no means does this mean no well-known people suffer from the disorder; it simply means the public hasn't seen any famous people exhibiting behaviors that indicate they might have dependent personalities.

While you won't read about celebrities with dependent personality disorder here, the next best thing is to see a celebrity playing a character with the condition. A couple of popular movies feature main characters that display dependent personality disorder traits.

Movies and TV shows with characters that could have dependent personality disorder:

Single White Female – A 1992 hit thriller starring Bridget Fonda (Allison Jones) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (Hedra Carlson). In the movie, Allison takes in Hedra Carlson as a roommate who shows symptoms of several personality disorders, including dependent personality disorder. At first, Hedra seems like the dream roommate, but things begin to sour. You'll think twice before taking on a complete stranger as a roommate after watching this movie.

Arrested Development – This hit TV comedy series ran from 2003 to 2008. Buster Bluth, played by Tony Hale, is the young son of George and Lucille Bluth. His inability to make simple decisions and incessant neediness throughout the series imply that were Bluth a real person, he would have dependent personality disorder.

Hysterical Blindness – This 2003 HBO exclusive movie stars Uma Thurman and Juliette Lewis. Thurman's character, Debby Miller and Lewis' character, Beth Tocyznski, head out to a bar for fun and socializing. Debby meets Rick, a guy with little interest in her. They talk and she buys him a drink. He makes an excuse to leave and she tells him she'll be back the next night.

They meet up again and Debby talks him into taking her to his place. Again, it's obvious to all, but Debby, that he has no interest in her. She is desperate to snag him, so tells him she "gives a good..." (oral sex). Immediately afterward, she thinks they're in love. She even buys bridal magazines within the next two days. She wants him to take care of her. When he doesn't return her calls and ignores her in public, humiliating her, things get a bit more disturbing. Check out the troubling movie trailer:

In real life, whether they're famous or not, dependent personality disorder negatively impacts every facet of the lives of those suffering from it. Movies don't always depict the disorders accurately, but when they do, it may lend insight to viewers about the crushing pain and other intense emotions associated with them.

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