Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited (The Book)

Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited and other books by Sam Vaknin about narcissists, psychopaths, and abuse in relationships

Tenth, Revised Printing (January 2015)

By: Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.

Narcissism, Pathological Narcissism, The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), the Narcissist, and Relationships with Abusive Narcissists and Psychopaths

Malignant Self Love

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(ISBN 80-238-3384-7 - New ISBN 978-80-238-3384-3)

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The Eighth Print Edition includes:

  • The full text of "Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited"
  • The full text of 102 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  • Covering all the dimensions of Pathological Narcissism and Abuse in Relationships
  • An Essay - The Narcissist's point of view
  • Bibliography
  • 730 printed pages in a quality paper book

Are YOU Abused? Stalked? Harassed? Victimized? Confused and Frightened?

  • Had a Narcissistic or Psychopathic Parent?
  • Married to a Narcissist or a Psychopath - or Divorcing One?
  • Afraid your children will turn out to be the same?
  • Want to cope with this pernicious, baffling condition?


Are You a Narcissist or a Psychopath - or suspect that You are one ...

This book will teach you how to...

  • Cope, Survive, and Protect Your Loved Ones!

"Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited" is based on correspondence since 1996 with hundreds of people suffering from the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (narcissists) and with thousands of their suffering family members, friends, therapists, and colleagues.

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What the Media have to say


“Few people can claim to have increased the public awareness of NPD to such a degree.”


Adrian Tampany, Financial Times Weekend Magazine, September 4-5, 2010


“Malignant Self-love (is a) ... magnum opus”


Yvonne Roberts, Sunday Times, September 16, 2007


"Sam Vaknin is the world’s leading expert on narcissism."


Tim Hall, New York Press, Volume 16, Issue 7 - February 12, 2003

Interviews (New-York Times, New-York Post, Washington Post and other major media) United Press International  Part I Part II


"Vaknin’s a respected expert on malignant narcissists ... He set about to know everything there is about the psychopathic narcissist."


Ian Walker, ABC Radio National Background Briefing, July 18, 2004


What Mental Health Professionals and Authors have to say


“Among many books published on the topic of pathological narcissism, this is by far the best.

It is highly recommended not only for the general public but also for professional therapists.”


(Akira Otani, Ed.D.,ABPH, University of Maryland)


"Sam is doing a great work on pathological narcissism. His book "Malignant self love" is our first guideline in handling malignant types of patients in the forensic setting."


(Dr. Sanja Radeljak, MD, PhD, psychiatrist and forensic expert, Neuropsychiatric hospital "Dr. Ivan Barbot" Popovaca, Croatia)


“Sam Vaknin is the number one author in guiding this understanding - technically rich - and serious in details of specific dynamics other authors don't get ... This is the one book to support professionals and people coming out of dysregulated families and dysfunctional relations.”


(Dr. Claudia Riecken, clinician and neuroscientist, Brazil)


“The book penetrates deeply into the narcissist's mind and is filled with myriad gripping novel insights. It gives the reader a great insight into the fears, desires, defenses, and motives of the narcissist, as well as those in a relationship with the narcissist.”


(Alison Poulsen, Ph.D.)


“Brilliant, insightful, extremely relevant, not only clinically, but practically, on a day to day basis. This work can be immediately applied and be of assistance to our society at large.”


(Dr. Cyndie Spanier, Ph.D., Deputy Director at Pittsburgh Behavioral Medicine, LLC)


“Sam is a genius his work most inspiring not only to myself but to my colleagues as well.”


(Joan Jutta Lachkar, Ph.D., Affiliate Member of the New Center for Psychoanalysis and Author of: How to Talk to a Narcissist; How to Talk to a Borderline; Narcissistic/Borderline Couples)


“Sam Vaknin is extremely impressive and the author of Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited, which is a seminal work on narcissism. Buy Vaknin’s book because it will teach you every single thing in the world about narcissists. This guy invented how we think about narcissism.”


(Dr. Samantha Rodman,


"Sam Vaknin is an expert on this field and presents his work clearly and with ease. I recommend this book most highly as awareness of NPD is crucial in this world today and Sam Vaknin gives his exclusive comprehensive understandings of this topic. This book will help you with human interactions in dealing with families, friends and co-workers. This is a most valuable investment for you in reading and re-reading, to have in your library. This read is worth several therapy sessions I believe and more so in fact."


(Audrey Epstein, M.S. Ed., MPA)


“Clinicians, researchers and narcissistic abuse victims alike have benefited from this one-of-a-kind book about narcissistic personality disorder. As a psychologist who specializes in narcissistic abuse recovery, psychopathy, and narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), I endorse this book as an empowering clinical tool. This resource has helped me to form a clearer diagnostic impression of malignant narcissists who seek my help during episodes of desperation and withdrawal due to narcissistic supply depletion. Armed with a more comprehensive understanding of NPD, I feel calm and in control when ambushed by narcissistic rage during diagnostic interviews and psychotherapy sessions. Vaknin's familiar descriptions of psychological theory and clinical terminology are quite helpful in managing transference and countertransference issues in order to maintain healthy therapeutic boundaries. This book is an invaluable resource to mental health professionals to combat compassion fatigue and psychological abuse when working with cluster b personality pathology. I highly encourage clinicians to both read and reference Malignant Self-love to improve treatment outcomes for victims of narcissistic abuse.”


(Dr. April Jones, Licensed Psychologist in Chicago, Illinois, USA)


"Sam Vaknin's book is THE bible on Narcissism!"


(Mary Jo Fay, author of 'When Your Perfect Partner Goes Perfectly Wrong - Loving or Leaving the Narcissist in Your Life')


"I consider this book to be the compass for Narcissistic Personality Disorder education"


(Jen Emmerich, LMSW, ACSW)


"There is no more important work than this one on the subject ... You may very well discover yourself."


(Heyward Bruce Ewart, III, Ph.D., author of 'Am I Bad')


"Read Malignant Self Love so you will understand that you are NOT crazy, you are just embedded in a crazy-making relationship."


(Liane J. Leedom, M.D., author of 'Just Like His Father?')


"Vaknin's depth and breadth are unmatched anywhere else and by anyone else. He knows everything there is to know about narcissistic and psychopathic abusers and how to cope with them effectively."


(Yomtov Barak, family therapist)


"I was stimulated just as I was challenged and enlightened."


(Robert L. Mueller, author of 'Bullying Bosses')


"The only source of such vast, serious, elaborated and thorough first-hand information about Narcissism available.

Useful for victims as well as therapists."


(Dr. Nili Raam, author)


'Provides the partners, family and friends of NPD sufferers, and the sufferers themselves,

with deep insight into the numerous expressions of this devastating and often insidious disorder."


(Esther Veltheim, author of 'Beyond Concepts')


"One powerful healing tool in our therapy with these people is Dr. Vaknin's book.

The most accurate portrayal of the 'typical' cult leader we have ever seen."


(Robert Pardon, Director of MeadowHaven)


"A must read for psychologists, social workers, and all individuals who want to learn how to deal with the narcissists in their lives."


(Laurie Anthony, teacher and author)


"Required reading for any codependent - to understand how the other side works."


(Dr. Irene, psychologist and Webmistress of


"If you wish to get under the skin of a Narcissist, if you wish to get to know how he thinks and feels and why he behaves as he does, then this is the book for you."


(Dr. Anthony Benis, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, and author "Towards Self and Sanity - On the Genetic Origins of the Human Character")


"Sam Vaknin is a leading authority on the topic of narcissism."


(Lisa Angelettie M.S.W., former editor of BellaOnline's Mental Health, "What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder")


"I cannot recommend this book enough to those of you who have this disorder, to families and friends who are trying to understand."


(Patty Pheil, MSW, Mental Health Today )


"(T)his book is a must read and will give you insight into the emotionally destructive people in your workplace, your family and among your friends. Sam Vaknin clears up the questions, confusion, and effects of dealing with narcissists: the book is well written, informative, and therapeutic. “


(Carolyn Reilly, MSW San Jose, Costa Rica)


Other Testimonials


"...This book has an important purpose. I am sure it will be appreciated in a library, classroom or among the mental health profession."


(Katherine Theriault, Inscriptions Magazine, Vol. 2, Issue 20)


“I challenge anyone to get this book, pick any page at random and not be impressed by the depth and quality of the unique insight into NPD that is provided there. A truly excellent and thorough piece of work that solidifies Sam's position as the global authority on the subject of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”


(Richard Grannon, Spartan Life Coach)


"Now, for the first time, a much-needed first-hand account of what Narcissistic Personality Disorder is like. Offers insight and clarity."


(Howard Brown, 4Therapy )


“Sam Vaknin's study of narcissism is truly insightful. The author has done probably more than anyone else to educate others to this poorly understood condition. In this, his twelfth book, he shares his considerable knowledge and experience of narcissism in a comprehensive yet easy to read style.”


(The late Tim Field, Bully Online )


Sam has plugged all the loopholes, exposed all the plots, and introduced a new language to confront the Narcissist. A 'hands-on' tool that can immediately bring relief. If you want to breathe again, if you are at your wits end, if everything has been tried and failed,  if you NEED a change, then Malignant Self Love can give you your life back.  This book is a lifesaver!

(Kathy Stringer, ToddlerTime )


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