Famous People with Schizoid Personality Disorder

Read about famous people with schizoid personality disorder and celebrities with schizoid personality disorder.

It's difficult to find verifiable examples of famous people with schizoid personality disorder as people with the condition rarely have the desire to become famous. Experts speculate that Adam Lanza, the young man who killed so many people at Sandyhook Elementary School, suffered from schizoid personality disorder. But, since he's now dead, making it impossible to conduct a full psychological evaluation on him, we'll never know for sure.

At least one prolific and well-known blogger, Robert Chaen, speculates that the following famous people have (or had) schizoid personality disorder or least exhibited symptoms of schizoid personality disorder:

Albert Einstein

Peter Green

Mary Todd Lincoln

Vaclav Nijinsky

Charles Darwin

Sigmund Freud

Stephen Hawking

Bill Gates

Isaac Asimov

Bobby Fisher

Karl Marx

Celebrities With Schizoid Personality Disorder

While you won't read about celebrities with schizoid personality disorder here, at least two well-received movies depict characters with traits of the condition:

The Remains of the Day – The 1993 movie starring Emma Thompson as Miss Kenton and multiple Oscar Award winning Anthony Hopkins as James Stevens portrays the life of a head butler in and English manor who shows many traits of schizoid personality disorder. Anthony Hopkins plays the schizoid head butler, James Stevens.

The English Patient – The 1996 drama portrays the life of a critically burned World War II pilot who shows a number of schizoid characteristics when it comes to his relationship with his nurse caretaker. Ralph Fiennes plays Count Laszio de Almasy (the English patient). Juliette Binoche plays Hana (the nurse caretaker).

Watching these movies or reading about the personalities of the famous people suspected of having schizoid personality disorder may deepen your insight into this condition. There is no cure for the condition and treatment of schizoid personality disorder is next to impossible.

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