Friends and Lovers

Relationships can be wonderful indeed! My new wife and I have decided that our honeymoon will never end. We've committed to keeping our relationship as happy and fulfilling through the years as it is today. But both us of are experienced enough with bad relationships to know that good relationships don't happen by magic.

One of the ways we are going to accomplish our goal is through mutual respect. Rather than taking our relationship for granted, we treat each other as we would treat an honored guest in our home. We freely give sincere compliments and praise to each other. We thank each other for the little things that make our lives smoother and easier (like taking out the trash, riding along on kid-taxi trips, or unloading the dishwasher). It's this kind of mutual respect and kindness and helpfulness that defines what being a healthy "family" means.

Our relationship is valuable, so we hold each other in high esteem. We treat each other as we want to be treated in turn.

A very wise man gave the same prescription for healthy relationships long ago. Seems his advice works equally well for marriage partners, too.

Thank you, God, for showing me how to keep my relationships healthy and happy and growing. Help me to continually cultivate the wonderful, fulfilling relationships You have brought into my life. Amen.



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