Responding to Feelings

I don't really have a reason to feel depressed today...but I do. The feeling just sort of came over me this morning.

What to do about it?

First, I accept it and try to remember that eventually it will pass.

Second, I dig underneath the emotion and look at possible causes:

Feeling overwhelmed at work
Anxiety about pending project deadlines
Ache in hands and fingers from yard work
Ache in teeth from recent crown work
Tiredness from entertaining guests last night
Wishing I could stay home from work
Anxiety over possible investment losses
Restlessness and boredom from lack of personal goals
Children-related stresses and issues
Worn down from lack of exercise

It all just sort of starts piling up after a while. So, I focus on:
Living in the moment.
Being patient.
Doing what I can today.
Letting go.
Breathing deeply.
Asking for help.
Feeling my feelings.
Going for a long walk.
Doing some invigorating exercise.

Recovery is learning to respond to my feelings in positive, constructive ways - rather than reacting, seeking to lay blame, taking guilt trips, or even just outright whining and complaining.

Searching within myself for the root causes of my feelings works best. Exploring my feelings, acknowledging them, expressing them in a journal or speaking them aloud—these actions work.

I feel better already.

Thank You, God, for teaching me how to respond to my feelings instead of reacting to them. Amen.

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