Do You Spend Too Much Time Online?

Take our Internet addiction test and find out if you're spending too much time online.

Caught in the Net, the first and only recovery book on Internet addiction to help rebuild your relationship"One more minute," a typical Internet user often says to a spouse or parent who yearns for their attention during a long on-line session. But before they know how or why it happened, that minute invariably turns into one or more hours - at the cost of the people and activities that more and more often are ignored. But there is a difference between the Internet as a distraction and becoming addicted to the Internet. If you aren't sure, we invite you to take our Internet Addiction Test.

If you want to learn more, please review Caught in the NET which illustrates what makes specific Internet applications so time consuming, and outlines time management techniques that will help users regain control of their time.

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If you think you have a problem with controlling your Internet use, please contact our Virtual Clinic.

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