Cyberwidows Help Center

Information and help for those who have lost a loved one as a result of internet addiction, cybersex, or a cyberaffair.

Internet affairs are no longer about two people simply chatting it up online.   Now there's easy access to online dating sites for married people, video sites for online sexual trysts or why not just hook up on Adult Friendfinder and find a real life sexual partner who doesn't care whether you're married (connected) or not. So if your partner is a cybersex addict, he or she has no problem filling that addictive need.

Unfortunately, that also means there are a lot of partners, women and men, who are left behind to deal with the emotional aftermath after discovering their partner had a cyberaffair or an affair which began by hooking up over the internet.

In the Cyberwidows Help Center, we have comprehensive information to help you understand cybersexual addiction and what's happened as well as access to help and support.


Caught in the Net - The is the first relationship book to help cyberwidows cope with cyberaffairs and online cheating. It provides communication techniques and ways to help rebuild your marriage.

Clinic - Our Virtual Clinic provides affordable, confidential, and high quality counseling to cope with cyber-related disorders for yourself or a loved one.

Infidelity On-Line Booklet - This exclusive informational step-by-step guide and interactive workbook is specially designed to help you and your partner rebuild your relationship after a cyberaffair.

Cyberwidows Test - A test to help cyberwidows' determine their loved one's addiction to the Internet.

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