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I have written and released 4 CDs:

  1. Journey to Alpha
  2. Still My Mind
  3. Don't Let Go of Your Dreams (companion cd for free book "Getting off the Roller Coaster."
  4. Shelter in the Shaman's Cave

You can read song lyrics here

All of the songs featured here are written with the intent of providing a window into your own spirituality. I hope you enjoy them and find them helpful for your own journey.

Here's a video of the title track "Still My Mind"

If you are interested in listening to or purchasing my music:

"Journey to Alpha " by Adrian Newington © 2007

The music on the CD, 'Journey to Alpha' can be used to promote a deep meditation, or simply help you relax. Science has revealed brainwave activity at particular frequencies which relate to various states of mental activity ranging from normal waking, rest, meditation and sleep. The Alpha state (around 8Hz), is the place we want to be for beneficial meditation.

The 3 tracks on this CD each contain rhythmic modulations designed to lower you into the alpha state.

"Calm the Body", includes a recurring heartbeat in the background which is continually getting slower and slower, and sets you up for the soothing sounds of "Calm the Mind" which incorporates lush ambient sounds amid a background of gentle sea-shore waves.

Track 3, "Calm the Soul" has an even gentler pace than the previous 2 tracks which gently diminish in level to fade out and leave you to continue your meditation or relaxation.

Each track is purposefully composed with simple and uncomplicated musical arrangements to facilitate the goal of meditation and relaxation.

These tracks are primarily mixed & balanced for use with headphones. Load them into your favourite MP3 player, dim the lights and lie back and relax. Ahhh, beautiful.

You can read song lyrics here.

"Still My Mind" by Adrian Newington © 1991 ~ 2005

Still My Mind CD CoverThis Album contains many songs that were originally written around 1991. It is only in recent times that technological advances in computers, music creation software and the Internet, have enabled the Independant artists like myself to flourish.

As I walked my own personal journey, my music blossomed, but for many years the doors of opportunity were not fully opened.

Now it is with great excitement that I offer this collection of music to the like-minded who walk a journey similar to mine. Christian spiritual principles form a solid foundation in my life, and I draw inspiration from both the Bible, as well as reflection from personal experience. Through these songs, I hope your faith finds inspiration for renewal. I hope your heart is nurtured with hope, and most importantly may you come to know who you really are. You are Great!

You can read song lyrics here

Don't Let Go of Your Dreams by Adrian Newington.

Don't Let Go of Your Dreams CD cover

The FREE book has an optional Companion CD or Audio Tape


You can listen to these songs at


Don't let go of your dreams.

The Believing Way

It's gonna be alright.

Miracles Matter.

Talk to Me.


Don't be afraid.

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