Getting Off the Rollercoaster Table of Contents

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From the experience of loss, I was forced to begin a search.
Whatever it was I was looking for,
I ended up finding myself.

This book evolved from a fierce desire to know and understand myself, and the way in which individuals learn, grow and develop, (socially and spiritually), and as an expansion of my previous book, "Pools of Peace". Even though I had more than enough pages completed, I continually found myself thinking of ways to expand its contents as my own personal development and understanding expanded. I decided that "Pools" had the right amount of information within it, and further expansion on my philosopy was best put into a more detailed form.

As my thirst for knowledge of human development increased, the need for this information to be documented became paramount. Not only was there a need to share this knowledge with you, the readers, and with those who are close and dear to me, but a strange feeling of wanting to share it with myself. I believe that this came from the need to purge myself of the feelings and thoughts within. It was almost like giving myself a test on this subject that is so close to my heart; a way of laying out my inner self on paper and saying, "Yes!, this is exactly what I am feeling". Upon completion of such an exercise, the information seems to slip back into my pysche to become silently, but permanently resident within the core of my being. It is now first nature to me, and I am in a position to act without fear or reserve when any situation comes my way where Love and Compassion are the only answers.

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Index of Chapters

Book and Music
  1. Introduction to Getting off The Roller Coaster
  2. The Struggle of the Ego
  3. The Concept of "The Now"
  4. Understanding and Working Through Fears
  5. The Mirror Action of Life
  6. Conditioned Emotions and Choosing.
  7. Cultivating a New Discipline.
  8. A Good Way to Love.
  9. Affirming Your Right to Love
  10. The Gratitude Principle.
  11. Co-Creating With God.
  12. The Peaceful Balance.
  13. Appendix I
  14. Appendix II
  15. Bibliography
  16. To My Readers

APPENDIX I: A verse to meditate on

APPENDIX II: Lyrics to Songs and their stories

12 Chapters and approx 190 pages.

Fully formatted and ready to be printed.

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  1. Don't let go of your dreams.
  2. The Believing Way
  3. It's gonna be alright.
  4. Miracles Matter.
  5. Talk to Me.
  6. Breakaway.
  7. Don't be afraid.

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