I Am the Heart (Introduction)

the fruit of my contemplations

In the course of my ongoing search for understandings of Life, love and God, many great things have come my way to assist me with my desire to learn, including spiritual teachings which are now deeply entrenched into my everyday life. The timing of this event I see as no accident as I was now ready for the next important phase of my spiritual evolution. Incorporated into this next phase was an occurrence of an event that has happened to me once to often. Resolved to never let it happen again, I threw myself deeply into contemplation and self discovery. By the guidance of spiritual wisdom, traditions and teachings, as well as instructions in meditation, old and dark memories began to come to light. Understandings of myself and life's complexities would filter into my consciousness and grant me a power to overcome my hidden fears and ignorance's.

Of the most important of these understandings, was the awakening to the cause of a cyclic problem with personal relationships... that being, 'my weakness in communicating'. For so long I have known that I was a day-dreamer... for so long I have known that my attention would just slip away as smoothly as honey, and lure me imperceptibly out of the moment. Yet, I had no idea of the destructive limitation. So often I would be engaged in conversation and have a mountain of ideas and information to contribute, but somehow only a pittance of my thoughts would ever become verbalised. I was then naturally seen by others as having very little to contribute as an individual, or as a partner. In writing this text, I have borrowed a style so widely and beautifully used in much of India's classic literature.

True to the process that I went through, I have separated the Mind and the Heart as entities in their own right engaged in mutual conversation. Though it is the goal of each person to become united with themselves, this separation is in fact done with a deep feeling of love and compassion, making the literal separation a very powerful union of communication in the most intimate sense. Now I have greater understandings of my own nature as well as that of others. From this I am well and truly on the way to obtaining , living and maintaining a good and happy life. Grace and knowledge have liberated me from a sea of limitations and ignorance, and love has allowed me to be still that it might settle within me. Freedom and peace shall be the attributes that will guide me forward in life, and listening to the Heart for the silent truth will be my protector.

Adrian Newington


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