The Book (Part 4)

Firstly, understand that the energy requiring redirection is Pure; It is the tendencies that employ this energy that dishonor it through thoughtless and selfish uses. It is the preferences of desires that exploit this pure energy to then be a cause of dissatisfaction, regret, or even wasted tears. Since the energy is pure, understand that it can always serve the noblest of requirements with inner harmony. This fountain of energy comes from the same source that manifests the expression of Laughter, Tears, Compassion, Anger, Pain, Elation, to name a few. But in those cases it has been channeled or directed in the manner relating to the circumstance. It is no easy task, but if anger or passion is controlled and re-directed, an enormous powerhouse of energy is available for the person who would possess such great self control.

Oh Mind, do you fear at those words and say to yourself... "I could never attain such a state of being." Have control of your thoughts for in my company, anything is possible... anything is attainable. Many people channel the emotional energy that might be spent in despair into a physical outpouring of activity. Some re-direct into mental activities and create great achievements. Some however allow the manifestation of their pain to accumulate into stagnant pools of hopelessness. It is here that ones life can be eaten away by despondency.

In the process of learning to re-direct passionate energy to virtuous things, one will be required to Master Patience if they aspire to be seated in this quality. Since many desires are often sought after eagerly, the energy that one puts out can see the acquisition of desires unfold with great speed. To incorporate brevity in a desire is simply another desire within a desire and will consume energy to make a task even more demanding.

Oh Mind, desires can come in countless forms, and the subtlety among these variations is enormous. Just as a desire can be a cause of pain or anger when it remains unfulfilled, a desire not to obtain something can also bring that same type of pain or anger. Take this for example. Something might call out for your efforts and disrupt your plans, to then prompt a want not to get involved. Quite often... to say "I have NO desire to go there", is to really say, "I have a desire not to go there". To say you have no desire to be involved in something, is also a desire Not to be involved. To be without desires is to be content, but these examples are not demonstrating the preservation of contentment. As such, energy can be put into avoidance. Such desires are motivated from yet another form of fear.

Though they may be understandable, you should at least have a firm grip on the nature of desires and the way in which they drive you into action. In your dedicated efforts to become new, feel safe to explore your desires, emotions and feelings. Stand fearless before them considering them only to be your teachers. Do not fear slipping back into old ways from any pull of the emotions or senses. The ego is a formidable adversary, but an earnest and pure prayer for renewal and assistance will secure your safety.

Oh dear one, from such a prayer, I would make a covenant with you that would ensure your protection and well being. Remember me, and I will remember you. Remember me many times, and I will remember you many times. Remember me constantly, and I will remember you constantly. You have no doubt experienced that the energy and power behind a desire simply dissolves when it is obtained. Likewise, when the ultimate knowledge of God is attained, the desires that gave you the thirst for that knowledge will no longer exist as you become seated in the Truth. From this it must be seen that desires themselves are not harmful, it is the object desired that may need to be questioned. Why do you seek... and why do you seek IT?

Ask these questions...

What does it bring me?

What has it continually brought me?

Is it serving my progress in life?

Find answers. Know what you are doing. Know why you are doing it, and know where it is taking you. Gain knowledge. Do not live in darkness. Have a want for understandings.

Be remembering of your own Pure Self which resides within as a manifestation of God. Understand that this inherent divinity... this incredible source of Love and beauty, is draped in shrouds of ignorance and fears. Stripped of these natures, in a instant you would see your radiance. Such is the nature of ignorance that chosen desires can bring later regret. Where is the freedom in this behaviour? Is this the way to unity and the liberation from fear?

Oh Mind, if you are troubled by desires and you truly want my assistance, talk to me of them. Be still and WAIT for a cloak of peace or the wordless knowledge I shall impart to you. Everything in your life can be of service to you and I would gladly help you should you ever come to me. But do not hanker me for answers for I demand that you learn patience. In Love you must wait in tender belief that I shall reveal a Truth to you. Truly I want you to experience the great attributes of strength and courage of the patient person. When you know of this, you will make yourself mighty.

Never place me in you own time frame and expect my guidance, for your agitation will surely smother the help I have to offer you. Mind... Choose to do a thing, but don't rush around after if a previous choice becomes regretful. If you must, do the thing that binds you into acting out your desires, but all I ask of you in such times is at least maintain a conscious perspective on what you are doing. Preserve your awareness in all things you do... even to the tendencies you have awakened to which disturb your peace. Blind actions and behaviour will be illuminated by awareness. From this, you will give power to yourself in the effort of becoming new through the Truth.

Always aim to secure understandings. Let all your actions compliment each other so that they can then form a chain of good actions each linked to the True Self, and hence to the service of God. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... let me disclose more understandings of life; of your inherent nature and the traps of Illusion. Your purity is revealed in concentration. When you become absorbed in a task, your true nature comes to light as you perform what is your current duty. In such action, you are functioning to the letter of the Duty of Consciousness through being one pointed. In absorption, you will find yourself living perfectly in the moment and as such, there is neither pain or joy... there is simply freedom. Never shall you find any trace of the past or future you so often create as you act in competent stillness. But when you are not absorbed through concentration, you begin to stir and become restless. Thoughts then manifest and bubble up like a cauldron coming to the boil. Jumping from one idea to the next, you seek and seek in a relentless quest to experience contentment of any sort or form.

One thought comes; it is pursued and discarded when it is found to be empty of true contentment. Another rises. Perhaps it might be of greater interest to you since it imparts more of the illusory contentment that you choose to identify with as being genuine. But this too will also fade and wither, only to be replaced by yet another and another.

Oh Mind, can you not see the nature behind all these activities? Can you not see that you are a constant seeker of contentment and peace. You know what you want, and that Want is a good thing, but your searching's are continually thwarted by a wrong identification of that which is false and illusory. Compare the peace and contentment you thought you once found with a fond memory, to the peace you have found through absorption and concentration. Which was real?... Which was the purer?... Which served you? Indeed, cannot a fond memory turn on you as you come to realize that it is not real anymore.

Consider memories of happy times when they are recalled at their anniversaries. Can they not bring on sadness by amplifying a different status of your situation or a new reality? Ask yourself this question. "Has the Stillness of concentration ever turned on me and ravaged my Peace?" The answer will always be a Loving "NO", since to be lost in the moment is true contentment. You shall experience that which is Divine and Holy as you drop your fears, worries and anxieties, to embrace the spirit of the living moment.

Oh Mind, you pursue happy times, loving embraces, and other illusions of peace, but you never pursue the remembrance of the Peace found in duty... of the Peace in concentration... for this is where your true happiness resides. Be remembering of the experience of stillness found in concentration and one pointed thinking, to stop yourself being lured out of the moment. Upon such remembrance, do not drift away into what is really another illusion, but let it prompt you to come alive in the Ever-New beauty of the living Truth.

Oh Mind, in all things there is Truth. From this, one can either be established in enlightenment; the knowing of a Truth... or ignorance; the unknowing of a Truth. God however, is the totality of Truth which then makes God's knowledge complete and pure. The state of God is perfect enlightenment and perfect knowledge, and from this perfect knowledge comes perfect understanding; the purest compassion; and ultimately the most radiant Love. To possess incomplete knowledge as is the common situation with those who live in the world, ones understanding, compassion, and ability to express Love must also be incomplete. This lack of perfect knowledge will be manifest as veils over the vision of perfect knowledge, to then obscure the totality of the Truth.

Although the totality of Truth is always at hand, the image of what is taken in can be done with partial or even wrong understanding. In many instances, what is perceived as the Truth is in fact an illusion of the Truth, and to live by such false and illusory knowledge will bring suffering. So tell me Heart, what is false knowledge or the Illusion of Truth?

If there is Truth in all things, there cannot be "No Truth" in things. If the phrase, "No Truth" is to be valid, a thing must not exist. You do not as such possess a shadow, there is only a lack of illumination on a particular area of the ground. Likewise, you cannot possess illusions of Truth... your Truth must only be incomplete... the totality of the inner Truth has only partial illumination.

That which is given the term "False Knowledge" cannot be alive in the Heart, (as where all Truth resides), but is created from an ignorant perception of the Truth. Since it receives not the protection of the everlasting renewal of Gods Love as does the Living Truth, it is maintained with effort. "False knowledge" or illusions of Truth; no matter how well they are propped up, can never be substantiated, for they are only notions or concepts which will never exist outside the Mind. But the Truth that lives in the Heart... the Truth of the one, is also the Truth of the many. The link in Love that bonds all of humanity, is the common Truth of the Heart... of God!

The continuance and maintenance of Ignorance or "False Knowledge" must therefore aid in the separation of man from the Love of God. When one embraces the Truth of the Heart in all daily activities... when the Mind does not protest against the desire of peaceful unity with the Truth that the Heart has to offer, one will then find Peace. This Peace cannot be found through ignorance or illusions, so to embrace these ways is to embrace a void, and as such separation is experienced.

Though this separation is real, what then is the pain created from these ways? How is it possible for nothing to cause something? Though a mans shadow appears to be the image of his form, it is only the illusion of darkness which allows the eyes to be deceived. Likewise, embracing the Mirage of a desert Oasis as reality will not quench a thirst, and the ensuing agony in the Mind is brought about by the collapse of the ignorant ideal believed to be the Truth. But a wise man possessing knowledge of the fundamentals of nature, will not be prompted to despondency from the play of light. He will continue in his quest for water with remembrance of his previous guidance for the True Oasis. How then does one event affect two people so differently?

Knowledge of the Truth has maintained the inner welfare of one, while Ignorance of the Truth has destroyed the Peace of the other. It was not the illusion of Truth being the cause of pain, but the separation from the Truth. Consider then this pain associated with illusions. If the wise man were to Lovingly instruct the ignorant one in the science of Physics and the behaviour of light waves, in his new understandings he might be prompted to say...

"Oh this Truth!... If I had only had possession of it before I fell victim to my ignorance, there would be no pain. But now that I do understand, I feel no pain. Where did it go then?"

Just as the illusion of the Oasis is really the Truth of Light waves, the identification of what is known as pain, is the Truth of the separation from the Truth. Remember the shadow. You think it exists because it mimics a form, but it is only darkness... an absence of light in one particular area. The darkness is real but a shadow does not exist. Your pain is like this. Your darkness is real... this Truth of yours being blotted out, but to identify pain as the final reality is to be drawn under the spell of illusion. There are no shadows.. there are no floating Oasis'... there is no pain.

Oh Heart, how can I be like the wise man whose Peace is maintained since he understands, as you have said, "The play of Light?" How do I recognize the Truth that lies behind all illusions?

Oh Mind, you must laugh courageously at your pain. Straight away!, be remembering of the shadow and understand that the dark form is being cast over you. Step aside and come back into the light. Has the Truth ever hurt you? If you say Yes to this question, then you are still under the power of illusion. I challenge you to turn back to such an event then! Was it Truth, or was it desire. Perhaps it was another illusion from incomplete knowledge at the root of such sorrow?

Oh Mind, I do not seek to invalidate your life experiences, I only wish to awaken your power of perception. I only wish for you to give strength to yourself in the gathering of your understandings. In short, I want you to learn how to learn. There is a life to be lived that knows no pain, and such a life can be obtained by Loving the Truth... by wanting the Truth to be your beloved and always by your side. Mastery over the burden of ignorance can be yours... a powerful command over the emotions will be assured by letting the Heart guide you in Love. Fear not for only Truth can bring you home safely.

But Heart... what are these things that can obscure my Truth as I journey home?

Oh Mind. Many are the traps that man so easily falls into. Pride... the greatest of all obstacles will forever stand in your way and create illusions in the vision of the Truth you wish to encounter. Anger... which taints all things with its hellish fire to burn everything you look at. Passion... shall envelope your discrimination to create an illusion of a Truth worthy of seeking by luring you with a false peace. Ignorance... the illusion of illusions shall keep you trapped in a spell of false identification.

Without the Truth and it's gifted insights to guide and support you, illusion shall surely ravage the precious little knowledge you do possess to create confusion as you try your best to maintain a good life. To live continually with the illusion of pain as your final reality, will not serve the well being of a delicate and unprotected faith. The gift of your faith needs to be enhanced and nurtured by a commitment to love the Truth.

On and on the seeker must strive as discernment, understanding, reasoning and perception, become more and more finely tuned through the power of Love. Oh Mind, it is illusion to think you can create a life in Love, Peace and prosperity, without an acknowledgment of the Love and power of God in your life. Although the willingness to surrender your situation to God will be fraught with illusions, keep an attentive eye on the things that can secretly begin to rob you of your perception and courage. The illusion of nothing happening is most difficult to overcome. Unlike the Mirage which is a form perceivable to the senses, only the invisible qualities of quietness and Love will allow you to find a focus for your Peace.

Such an illusion of God lacking an involvement in your life, is the Truth of perfect guidance, and illusions which manifest in forms of fear, shall be the Truths of limited understandings, experiences and faith. Oh Mind, have courage. Breakthrough the barrier of fear once and for all. In your midst, there is a vast unknown and unseen sea of Grace, but only by the greatest Love can the mystery that works with immortal Love and devotion for you ever be comprehended.

But Mind, you do not need to place the demands upon yourself that could enable you a share in this mystery. Rest easy. Let go. Have faith. Who needs to understand how beautiful Crystals are formed. Let them do their duty as you attend to yours. Your perception of God's Love and Devotion for you is a mirror to your own Love and Devotion, and the illusion of God being without action in your life, is the Truth of the state of your own Love, Faith and devotion and understanding.

"...It is your faith that has healed you."

... say the words of a Great Master.

Such words demonstrate how the Supreme silent power of Love and Devotion in the faithful heart can manifest real changes in your life. The source of life is that nectar found flowing from the river of the Heart. Not here! Not there!, but within resides the power. Within is the power to make things change... to make things happen, and it will only manifest through a Loving belief in it. So many are drawn away from their inner Love in a quest to find the Truth to places beyond the clouds, deep in a cave, in far away lands, in objects, possessions and people, but it is all within and the map to guide you there is Love.

How is it that for so long you have had faith in your doubts? And how is it that the ways and teachings of the Source of Love have been put aside for the choice of fear. Illusion! your fear is all illusion. Illusion is everywhere.

Oh Mind, Man puts so many ignorant labels on things blind to their true nature. The illusion of the sun rising, is the Truth of its stillness. The wind never blows, but is sucked by powerful forces of nature. The illusion of the tiny stars, is the Truth of their immense distance and immense size. The illusion of that which is known as a bitterly cold winter, is the Truth of the resting time of the Earth. The illusion of the Parable that seems devoid of a point, is the Truth of ones current understanding. The illusion of you being seen as skillful talented and even worthy of praise, is the Truth of Gods humble and mighty talents being alive within you. The illusion of the world being your source of problems, is the Truth of its neutrality in the input to your life. Problems, and the way you allow them to influence you will depend on the correct identification of their underlying Truth. One can deny the Truth and embrace illusion, to then cultivate anger or blame... perhaps both; One can embrace the Truth, yet suffer it; Or one can embrace the Truth and quietly and Lovingly do the thing that needs to be done as ones duty.

Oh Mind, open your eyes. Many things are not what they seem. Endless is the distortion of the innocence of nature whose true simplicity contains a storehouse of knowledge. But be careful of this knowledge that can come to you. Let it not take up residence in the Mind alone, but let it bring about a closer unity of the Heart and the Mind. Regardless of great truths and understandings that come your way, let the Mind remain simple and uncluttered that it may always be the ready and willing servant of the Heart. Know that your new found wisdom is always there to guide you in confidence and serenity when the moment calls for the emergence of Living knowledge... of the Truth.

Oh Heart, truly truly you have inspired me to know my God, but tell me, why do I need to know that the wind does not blow but is sucked? What purpose is in me contemplating the stillness of the rising Sun? or the immensity of size and distance of the stars? I can a live life without my shadow!

Oh Mind, stop right there! Speak no more. In this very moment, you are enveloped in illusion. For such thoughts to be ringing true within you indicate a lack of perception. God is the wind. God is the force that moves the wind. God is the stars. God is the immense distance to the stars. God is the motion of the earth which gives rise to the morning Sun. Oh Mind!... the person who lives an Earthly life without a shadow lives continually in darkness. To behold even one Truth, is to behold God, so to seek Truth through either the silence of contemplation or worldly activities, is to seek God. Beholding one Truth enables a person to behold another.

This chain of discovery is part of your freedom. Oh Mind, if you were simply to perceive the Truth of one grain of sand, and lovingly acknowledge that Truth as your link with God, then you have come just that little bit closer in understanding that there is no distance between you and God. You are bonded firmly and inseparably by Truth. All Truth is of value, and none can be said to be insignificant. Seek Truth, and you will seek understanding, knowledge and wisdom. Seek nothing, and you will seek a life suffered from illusion. From now on, whenever you are tempted to spiral downwardly in the illusion of pain, let it immediately remind you that you are experiencing some form of separation from the Truth. Your pain does not signal the culmination of an event, but the beginning of an understanding desperate for your embrace.

Herein lies the reason why one needs to access the power of Contemplation. Awaken your powers of peaceful sustenance and give yourself a chance to find the missing Truth. Be patient as I have instructed you so many times before. Do not bring further feelings of uncentredness from anxious searching's, but know that seekers of the Truth will always find their goal.

Oh Mind, nature is always full of surprises, and will ever be the messenger of sorrow as equally as it shall be the messenger of joy. But the sturdy of character and Mind... the steadfast and strong... the humble and content... the pure and the loyal have all learnt how to become a rock of solidarity amid the motion of nature. All people shall in time experience sorrow and joy, but through the skill of a refined intellect and the power of Love, the surface view of such events can be recognized for the illusion it is. In the maintained singular state of oneness, the play of the opposites have lost their power of illusion, and the simple truth of Love, life and God can be seen to be the true source of that which is permanent... of that which gives meaning to life.

Oh Mind, your efforts in coming alive through concentration need not be wholly related to time spent in absolute silence devoid of speech, but simply give yourself to each of your daily tasks and allow the internal chatter to cease. When talking to people, honor them as well as yourself, by devoting your eyes and ears to the gift of their presence.

Oh Mind, all hearts are linked, and all Hearts are one. The many are truly the one, but the one is seen as the many through an illusion from sustained ignorance. God, or the totality of Truth resides within as is truly available to you. As such, this totality can be experienced and known through the ways of cultivated silence. Through a quest for the inner Truth, all Truth can be revealed to you to eliminate this separation from God through absorption, concentration, meditation and Love. Seek the inner realm with diligence and Love and the Universe can be yours to know.

Oh Heart, How is it that God can be everywhere at once? How can it be that no one is overlooked? I battle with many things that demand my attention, but can become so lost in the demands of the moment that your words seem so alien to me. To simply say that God will always here my prayers does little to take me beyond the infant spiritual teachings from my youth.

Oh Mind, this idea of the all pervasiveness of God can be grasped by contemplating this analogy. You live in a world of three dimensional form, but I ask you remove one dimension and consider a photograph having only height and width. Consider such a photograph where the subject looks directly out to the viewer. A person walks from one side of the room to another and declares that the eyes of the image have always been upon him. Likewise, when two people simultaneously view the same picture from different parts of the room, each shall then proclaim that the subject's eyes have always been upon them without any variation. The image in only two dimensions is exhibiting a remarkable natural feature.

So it is also in that added higher dimension beyond the third of the physical world. Gods Love and attention is equally upon all beings. This is the natural phenomena of Gods mighty nature. The radiant all pervasive consciousness of the supreme sees all. No one can escape, or more importantly, no one is forgotten. Do not fear amid your situation. This Love is continually being beamed over you and is ever watchful. Surrender in peace to this amazing power... to the great Love and know that should you fall, you shall ultimately fall into loving arms.

The dimension beyond the third is Supreme Awareness, and it is as much a part of the natural order of things as any other aspect of nature that belongs in the physical world. Remember the five senses alone cannot perceive the illusory nature of many things, but that which might be called the sixth sense or intuition, is the means to access the higher dimension of heightened or expanded awareness.

Oh Mind, a window covered with grime will always limit ones perception of distance and depth. In the same way, ones inner vision or higher awareness will be limited by the mind's layers of worldliness which cloud the Love of the Heart. Oh Mind, summon that infant faith you talk of to at least form a prayer asking for the experience of this majestic awareness. Be pure, confident and persistent in your plea, and let your yearning to know your God be lovingly decorated with patience. Such a prayer would be truly noble, since it shall be asked for, for the highest good. Such an event will convert your faith into knowledge, and you shall have a power within you that no person or event could ever take away from you.

Oh Heart... I am drowning ecstatically in oceans of understandings. I know without being troubled by any shadow of a doubt that I am finally escaping the whirlwind of my madness... the scattered and unco-ordinated behaviour of my past is at last coming to an end. I feel free!... I feel free!... I feel free! And in another way, I begin to see this power of God drawing me deeper into this truth. Every second that passes sees the dawn breaking forth somewhere over the Earth. Likewise, at any given moment it is always midnight somewhere, as it is always Twilight and Dusk... Mid afternoon and morning all at the same time. All these things are happening at once. To think that I can now begin to understand how God is always thinking of us.

Oh yes!... to think that such a thing could even be comprehended in even a small way, is truly wonderful. What a gift! And equally, as God remembers us out of the all pervasive region, we too who dwell on the Earth must also be sending forth remembrance constantly. Always there would be someone saying morning prayers. Always there would be someone saying evening prayers. Always there are people in silent meditation... offering their stilled minds in the living awareness through simple and profound worship.

But Heart, I have to catch my breath as my ecstasy dissipates, for the significance of what is happening, is now beginning to dawn within me. I kneel down to you and look up with child-like eyes and begin a prayer with folded hands. I gather myself into the moment, but I am lost for words. There is only stillness... there are no words to express how I feel so I shall speak my prayer of thanks with the silent words of the living moment... the pure silence of the Truth. Tears begin to fall... Why?... Perhaps I am unworthy of this gift of understanding. Why should I feel sad?

Oh Mind, don't be confused by the intensity of the Souls Truth as it manifests itself through tears. So often when you have been prompted by disillusionment, you move yourself to tears. As such, you link sorrow with tears, and tears with sorrow. But the mighty Joy of the Soul coming in touch with God's Loving Truth through the world, explodes in feelings that will often overwhelm you. Whenever you maintain prayerful silence with deep expressions of remembrance and gratitude, you are ensuring your purification. Be sure in knowing that such absorption in silence is the deepest sort of worship.

There is great Honor and merit in such an act, and when it is done many times over with that same feeling of Love and devotion, your power and purity will combine to liberate you from the snare of mundane worldliness.

Oh Heart, I emerge from the sweet Divine state I was drawn into, to live again in the world of time. As such, I am lured a great distance away from the moment to a mirage of what was my youth. But Iam wiser now, and I know that what is before me is not the living Truth.

However, even in my new understandings I find I still allow myself to be coerced into suffering the choice of illusion. Oh My childhood!... My childhood! Unashamedly I can say that I was pure and innocent then. But How?... How did I become like this? You have said that often I must return to my childhood purity. This I understand and I know I shall achieve, but Heart!... how could I have lost such a precious gift? What happened to me?

Oh mind, there is only Love, and you have never lost your purity as you believe you have. Such is the Love of God that you have received the gift of being allowed to experience the opposites. Tell me... what understandings of yourself; of Life; of Love; of the wonders of the universe; of the diversity and unity of nature would you have sought by living a content, quite, and uneventful life? Water will stagnate and fail to give life when it remains motionless for long periods, and if it accumulates enough grime it shall turn to mud. However, understand that water brought to such a state still retains it's inherent sparkle. All it needs is to be purified.

To truly understand the importance of your heritage you must lose it for a time to then embrace it with the purest Love and honor. Only after your experiences are complete will the liberating word come to bring you back home. Oh Mind, your every tear has been watched with the deepest compassion. Your every footstep has walked over ground that was lovingly prepared for you that you might see the things you needed to see.

Oh mind, it is when you take leave of your duty as servant of the Soul... it is when you take charge as Master of the Helm that all your ways shall unquestionably be ever lacking in the purest motivation. Hence, all such thinking shall surely be self centered and egotistical. In concentration and absorption, there is no Pride, Anger, Loss, Fear, or even Time. There is only Love, and that Love is alive for you always. That Love will nurture and sustain you and give you strength to carry on day in and day out. Whenever you find yourself being lured out of the moment, allow yourself to be lured back into the Truth of the moment more and more.

Stay alive and live through me.


I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Mind... let me speak to you of Faith. All my words, all my teachings to you, can evaporate into nothingness if you do not have Faith. This is the quality of Willingness tempered with Courage, to surrender to Truth, Love and Wisdom. It is a willingness to stand firm as you live out the silent Truth I impart to you. To know a thing fully, sometimes we have to experience it's opposite. By remembering that the opposite of Faith is doubt, I ask you to consider your past experiences where doubt was all pervasive.

Did it bring you good things ?

Did it bring you contentment ?

Did it establish you in wisdom ?

Often I have made reference of your comparisons to old events when dealing with that which belongs to the moment. Shall you then employ the fruits of doubt to help you become new ?

Shall you ? SHALL YOU!

Do not fritter away your valuable time and energies in thinking and circumstances that drain you of the power needed for your best efforts. Understand the pull of the emotions which kindle doubt to then scatter your thinking and undo your best efforts of building and maintaining your new life and your Peace.

Oh Mind... neither you or I doubt that the Sun shall rise tomorrow. To think of the implications of this sleeping declaration of Faith. What Majesty must then reside behind the workings of the Planets, the Moon, and the Stars. Who else but God would be able to send celestial bodies spinning endlessly in perfect harmony. What Kingly understanding must be had that these wonders are maintained to perfection.

Consider the overall grandeur of the Universe and the extent of the dedication in preserving the Living Laws of Nature. Does this not perhaps comfort you by inspiring a new understanding of the extent of the preservation of your unfolding life ? Do you consider yourself any less than a spinning rock hurtling through the void? Since the greatest Love can so tenderly and delicately care for this aspect of creation, what tenderness and dedication must continually be bestowed upon you.

Oh Mind, the Stars are blessed, but they shine in silence. But you are threefold blessed for you have the ability to be aware of Love, to receive Love, and to return Love. Possessing conscious awareness has a demand, but when you have become purified from your walk upon the Earth, "You will shine like the Stars", and your blessings will be magnified countless times over. Oh Mind, I see your tired tears from being world weary, but in the emptiness of sorrow, the way is being prepared for the greatness of Love to Fill your life. I am the Heart and I always speak the Truth

Oh Heart... How you beautify my difficult times with only a handful of words. Such power in your simple gentleness FILLS me with Hope of becoming New and Alive. Your wisdom astounds me, and I can only borrow a phrase in response. "Your words are a lamp on my path". In all my dark and foggy years, there has been the ever whirling confusion of the world. One day I might feel safe and content, then the next, my world can fall apart. Many times I would reach out blindly for the first thing I could think of, and then rebuke myself for my own foolish choice.

But Oh how it all seems so much clearer to me now. I see that I have never been properly equipped to deal with life's changes. I have been alone on a planet full of people who are as lost as I. How can the blind lead the blind ? Oh how we all seek the Truth so much, and so often think that we have found it. Yet, what we do find is just another illusion which crumbles away like sandcastles from the action of worldly waves.

You have opened my eyes equally to the complexities and glories of life at the same time and I am humbled that you have come to me. I am in awe as you stand before me in shining magnificence, yet at the same time I want to stand straight and tall next to you as your equal... perhaps to call you my Brother. Something tells me that the part of me which would shrink away from this thought is only a thing that has been limiting me all my life. Could it be that somehow... someday, I too might be able to understand that perhaps I am as magnificent as you are.

Oh dear one, your greatness will be revealed to you one day, but you must keep Faith in me always. I follow your every breath, your every thought, your every movement, your every action with such silent precision, that you think your doing, is always unattended by anyone other than yourself. But like the feathers on an arrow in flight, I am that part of you which guides you through your destination. Always journeying with you, yet ever unchanging in the position of your life.

Oh Mind, to you I give the loving gift of a handful of words that you might have constant remembrance of me. It is said... "As you think, so you become."

So say then...

"I am the Heart"

Repeat these words over and over and over. Stay awake with me. Become enlivened. Become empowered through me. Become me.

I am the Heart... I am the Heart... I am the Heart...

Its repetition will transform you. You will gain command over the emotions, and you will come to know the steady state. A light will shine. More and more you will find that your mental clarity will not be robbed by the thieves of ignorance, desire and attachment to things which you falsely believe you are in need of. However, do not use these words as if to hide from or deny what are your obligations, for I shall only prompt you over and over to return to what is important... to what is your duty. You yourself shall generate any agitation be it subtle or pronounced as you choose to abandon my offering of Love for the welfare of your life.

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