A Conversation with God

A conversation with God. Anxiety treatments that worked for my anxiety. For sufferers, survivors of anxiety disorders, panic disorders, phobias. Expert information, panic, anxiety, phobias support groups, chat, journals, and support lists.Me-"God, its me again, feeling no better and no worst than yesterday, but frustration and depression is deepening"

GOD-"My child, you suffer not alone, but there are many who suffer your pain with you"

Me-"Sorry, God, if that doesn't comfort me. Because you see, when I do suffer, am always alone, in my worries, anxieties and fears. These are mine and mine alone, and I am getting so weak and tired. My soul is breaking down, Lord, and I really could use your help"

GOD-"What shall I do for you? What is it that you wish for me to do? Shall I take the pain and suffering away, so that you may lead, what you consider to be a normal existence?"

Me-"YES YES & YES, that's exactly what I want you to do. Let me lead a normal life, without attacks or fears or worries, that make my life a living hell everyday. YES do it PLEASE"

GOD-"Child, my wonderful creation, you are created in my exact image, every fear, thought, worry you have, I also have. Every pain you feel, every ache that burdens your heart and weighs down your soul, extends to me. You DO NOT suffer alone, as I am here with you. always"

Me-"So if you can feel what I can feel, don't you want to make me better, so that you can better too?"

GOD-"If it were that easy, that simple, then it would have been done, but.. my you not see the reasoning behind your pain and suffering?" Do you not see that for each ache and attack you have, your soul strengthens, your mind gains knowledge and your heart is rewarded with peace?"

Me-"Peace? You dare to call this PEACE? What is this peace which you speak about. I find no peace in not being able to breathe, or being terrified of that which is around me. WHERE IS THE PEACE LORD?

GOD-"Daughter, Peace comes not from total serenity in your world, your thoughts or deeds. Peace comes from a struggle from within, from a divine knowledge of yourself and others, and an understanding and compassion for yourself and mankind. If peace were as attainable as a simple smile from one stranger to another, do you not think, that we could all obtain peace? that the world would be at peace, and that all of humanity would prosper? I wish it were so child, but it is not"

Me-"But that doesn't explain to me how I can gain anything from what I am going through"

GOD-Think not, daughter, but rather feel. Through your suffering, have you not learned anything? Have you not learned that a rose blooms not for its own sake, but so that we may enjoy its fragrance and special beauty? Have you not learned that your children are gifts that you have been blessed with? Have you not learned to be patient and kind with those around you? Have you not learned that the world doesn't respond with your simple existence, but that it thrives on your gift of pure humanity. Have you not learned these lessons and more, in your time of suffering and need?"

Me-"Well, yes, I have learned allot about myself, others and the world I live in, and I would have to say that it is all positive. is that what you mean?"

GOD-Yes, my child. The answers you sought were always there for you to find, and find them you have, but there are still more questions to be asked, more lessons to be learned, and so it shall be" This is the reason I cannot take away your suffering and pain, for through this, and only this, are you starting to find the peace you so lacked in your life"

Me-"Ah I understand now, I guess I should thank you then"

GOD-"No, thank me not, but thank the strength within yourself, thank your soul for allowing it to show itself .I am always with you, Child"



Me-"Yes God?

GOD-"I love you"

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