Ephedrine, Ma Huong, Exercise

What are the withdrawal symptoms of Ephedrine and Ma Huong? I am having panic attacks after I stopped large quantities of these stimulants.Q.I love your site! I do have a question that you may not be able to answer. Are you familiar with withdrawal symptoms of Ephedrine and Ma Huong? For years, I was taking large does of Ephedrine and some Ma Huong for energy to workout. Well it finally caught up with me and I had a two Panic Attacks in January; and since, its been severe anxiety almost every day. I should say every day since I stopped taking the both stimulants three weeks ago. I am wondering if these could be withdrawal symptoms?

Just when the symptoms seem to be residing in the past week, wham!, I get hit for a small panic or severe anxiety attack that lasts for a full day. I don't know if my body is still adjusting to the lack of stimulants and reacts with severe anxiety? One titbit you should be aware of, while I'm working out, I have no signs of any anxiety. In fact, if I could work out 24-hours a day, I would be fine.

A. We have never heard of Ma Huong and we are not sure if you mean Ephedrine as in 'pseudo ephedrine' used in most cold and flu tablets.

Although this is not going to answer your question, Pseudo ephedrine in cold and flu tablets can induce a chemical panic attack and/or anxiety. If you take a 4-hour tablet, the attack / anxiety could last for 4-hours, a 12-hour tablet, the attack / anxiety could last for 12-hours, etc. People taking antidepressants cannot use cold and flu tablets as mixing the 2 drugs can be dangerous.

We are not sure about withdrawal symptoms. Perhaps you could ask your doctor and do a search on one of the medication internet sites. We are linked to two via our links page.

One titbit you should be aware of, while I'm working out I have no signs of any fact if I could work out 24 hours a day I would be fine.

Exercise/working out burns up the hormones from the fight-and-flight response. But the secret is to stop the fight-and-flight response by working and managing your thinking. Then, you don't need to work out so much!!

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