Link Coffee and Panic Attacks

I had my first panic attack right after drinking a cup of coffee. Is there a connection between coffee and panic attacks?Q.My first question is about a link between coffee/caffeine and panic attacks. I found that my first few panic attacks occurred after drinking a cup of coffee. Although I used to drink it just about everyday, I have since cut out drinking coffee. Have other people noticed this? I also notice that you recommend meditation to control panic attacks. How often should I meditate and where can I go to learn how to do it??

A. It is interesting about coffee / caffeine. About 50 % of people with an Anxiety Disorder do link it to coffee / caffeine, but the other 50% don't and keep on drinking coffee and other caffeine products. Within this 50%, there is a smaller group who report feeling worse after drinking decaf products as they are allergic to the chemicals used in the decaf process. There are individual differences in many areas of the Disorders and it does make it confusing for everyone.

Re: meditation. We usually get people to meditate twice a day for 20 minutes, although many people cut this down to one twenty-minute session a day as they can't find the time for two.

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