Natural Therapies and Supplements For Anxiety Disorders

natural therapies supplements anxiety healthyplaceNatural therapies and supplements for anxiety disorders - herbs and their effects. Kava, St. John's Wort, aromatherapy, flower essences.

Herbs and their Effects

There are many natural therapies and supplements to relieve anxiety available that have been used throughout the centuries. Your naturopath or nutritionist will be able to advise you further. Some of the common natural therapies for anxiety are listed below.

Kava Kava (Piper methysticum)

Kava Kava is one of the main anti-anxiety herbs. It has a very quick calming effect on the nervous system with an uplifting, euphoric feeling. It is also a muscle relaxant and mild sedative. It is specific for anxiety, tension, stress, irritability and insomnia. Kava is very good for people whose mind races.

St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

St. John's Wort is a gentle sedative which also has a calming effect on the nervous system with restorative properties as well. It is specific for mild depression, anxiety, tension and irritability. It works by increasing the level of neurotransmitters in the central nervous system such as serotonin and dopamine.


Damiana (Turnera diffusa)

This is a good nerve tonic which also has a restorative property. It can have a good calming effect and is also specific in cases of mild depression and anxiety. Damiana is also well known for its aphrodisiac properties.

Scullcup (Scutellaria lateriflora)

This is a relaxing and gentle sedative for the central nervous system. It is very good for nervous tension and for nervous exhaustion plus neurological and neuromotor problems.

Verbena (Verbena officinalis)

This is a relaxing nervous system tonic which is indicated for a wide range of nervous disorders including nervous exhaustion and stress.

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata)

This is a non-addictive sedative that relaxes the nervous system. It is especially helpful for nervous disorders such as heart palpitations, anxiety, convulsions, epilepsy, insomnia, and stress.

Withania (Withaniasomnifera)

This is an ayurvedic herb most commonly called Ashwaghanda. It is a very good tonic herb that is especially helpful for debility, and nervous exhaustion due to stress.



  • helps soothe anger and frustration
  • helps people regain self confidence and uplifts and refreshes the spirit
  • evokes joy and warms the heart


  • strengthens an overburdened nervous system and restores calm
  • has a soothing effect on anger and apparently cleanses the spirit and removes psychic blocks


  • is for FEAR
  • it slows down breathing and produces feelings of calm
  • it elevates and soothes the mind
  • is comforting and restoring for anxious, and obsessional states linked to the past


  • helps diminish fear, enhances self confidence and defeats pessimism
  • very good for emotional dilemmas especially when they involve relationships and sex
  • rub on heart charka and temple


  • very well known for it's sedative properties
  • useful in alleviating stress
  • balancing
  • good in acute crisis situations
  • can promote personal renewal by washing away past habits and opening us up to new possibilities
  • helps produce inner acceptance of a painful situation, easing fear and creating strength


  • very refreshing and uplifting
  • good for a tired mind or fatigue
  • very stimulating and activating for apathy, anxiety or depression


  • heart felt, it reaches deep down into your soul to stabilise and regenerate
  • considered one of the most effective sedative and anti-depressant oils
  • provides relief and strength for long standing psychological tension, exhaustion and seemingly hopeless situations


  • excellent for anxiety and depression
  • very good for dreamers and people who tend to neglect or feel detached from their bodies
  • helps ground and integrate energy and keep us in touch with our physical selves


  • refreshes the soul, brings joy to the heart
  • very heart felt
  • it is harmonising and helps make sorrow easier
  • opens the heart and soothes the feelings of anger, fear and anxiety
  • addresses sexuality, self-nurturing and self esteem
  • good for behavioural problems, emotional stress and anxiety, sadness, grief or disappointment

Ylang ylang

  • for ANGER
  • has tension relieving properties and is particularly beneficial for nervous depression
  • good for women who don't allow themselves to live, who hide their femininity
  • helps boost self confidence, eases frustration's and calms nervousness and tenseness


  • calming and harmonising - helps reduce tension and confusion
  • builds confidence, and fosters openness, warmth and understanding
  • protects the third eye and opens the spirit input
  • ideal for nervous depression, fear, stress and a hectic daily lifestyle

Flower Essences

These remedies work on vibrational medicine. They are designed for emergency situations. It is aimed to calm you down and give you the mechanism and strength to cope in any situation.

Bach's Rescue Remedy

  • 4 drops under the tongue when needed

Australian Bush Flower Emergency Essence

  • 7 drops under the tongue when needed

Source: The information in this section on Natural Therapies and Supplements has been provided by Janet Schloss, a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist from Brisbane, Australia

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