What Is a Binge Eating Disorder Support System?

November 5, 2015 Star LaBranche

I really love to talk about binge eating disorder support systems in my articles (A Support Network Is Vital For Eating Disorder Recovery). But what is a binge eating disorder support system and how can you form and maintain one? Unfortunately, there are no easy answers for these questions. However, I have a few tips to help you along your journey.

So Wait, What Is a Binge Eating Disorder Support System?

A binge eating disorder support system is a group of people, places, and even animals who can help you when you are dealing with binge eating disorder symptoms, are having a bad day, or just need someone to talk to. There are a lot of ways others can show support and someone with binge eating disorder might need different kinds of support, depending on what is happening in their life.

Who Makes Up A Binge Eating Disorder Support System?

Anyone you choose can be a part of your binge eating disorder support system. If someone is supportive of you and willing to offer support in times of need, don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help. People commonly use friends and family members for their binge eating disorder support systems. Some people also incorporate coworkers, Internet friends, and others.

What About Binge Eating Disorder Support that Doesn't Come from People?

Sometimes when you get overwhelmed you don't need binge eating disorder support from a person at all. Sometimes animals or places can be part of your support system. Having a place to go to when you need to get away for a moment or being able to walk a dog or pet a cat when you need to feel calm can be just as refreshing as talking to a human being (Animal Therapy: Easing Anxiety With An Animal).

How Can I Form a Binge Eating Disorder Support System?

I've recommended talking to your binge eating disorder support system in a lot of my articles. But what is a binge eating disorder support system?

As I mentioned before, there's no easy way to find a binge eating disorder support system. But I have a few tips, based on my personal experience.

  • Make a list of supportive people: Sit down and write out who has supported you in the past and what they did to offer support. Remember that different people will provide different kinds of support. Someone might help you clean out your bedroom closet, another might let you vent on the phone to them late at night.
  • Make a list of places and even animals that help you deal with your feelings: You might feel at peace going to a park or spending time at your favorite coffee shop. If you have a pet that comforts you, write that down as well.
  • Make a list of the medical professionals in your life: This includes a binge eating disorder therapist, a weight loss doctor, a gastric surgery doctor, or anyone else who helps you manage or treat your binge eating disorder. If you don't have any yet, this is a great opportunity to start looking (Where To Get Mental Health Help).
  • Ask the people on the list if they are comfortable being in your support system: Make sure that when you need help, your support system will be there. You usually don't have to ask dogs, but be sure to check with cats.
  • Use your binge eating disorder support system: Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, I forget there are people out there willing to talk to me and help me through this difficult time. Once you have your support system in place, be sure to use it.
  • Appreciate your binge eating disorder support system: When they give to you, make sure to give back. This can be as easy as helping a friend plan a birthday party or taking a relative out to dinner. Ensure they know that you value them as people, as well as for everything they do for you (Keeping Friendships Alive).

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