Don't Forget to Use Your Support System Over the Holidays

December 15, 2023 Natasha Tracy

This is your reminder to continue to use your support system over the holidays. I say this for a specific reason. Sometimes, the holidays make our bipolar disorder support system more accessible, it's true, but then, sometimes, the holidays make them less. We visit the people we don't normally see over the holidays, and they may not be part of our trusted circle. If we're going out of town, for example, the people we rely on may disappear for a time. But we need to continue to connect with our support system over the holidays.

It's Okay to Need Your Support System During the Holidays

The holidays are not easy for everyone; in fact, I would suggest they're easy for very few. Even if you love the holidays, that doesn't mean unusual stressors aren't part of the show. Bipolar depression or mania may lurk around the corner. It's okay to say that your support system matters to your mental wellness over the holidays. You may very well matter to theirs as well.

Access to Your Support System Over the Holidays When You're with Family

If your family is part of your support system, that's great. Your support system will probably be all around you during the holidays. However, many people can't say that. Many people aren't supported by their families. This can make spending a lot of time with them difficult.

If you're dreading having to stay in our parent's guest bedroom for a week, make plans for how you will access your support system over the holidays. You can use online meeting software, text messages, or one of those old-fashioned phone calls to talk to your support system no matter where you are. Your support system isn't gone; they're just out of sight for a bit.

Talk to Your Support System About the Holidays Ahead of Time

An important part of accessing your support system over the holidays is to talk to them about your needs ahead of time. Your support system may not know that you still need to connect with them over the holidays. If they are wrapped up in their own holiday plans, they may not think to communicate with you as they normally would. Instead of taking this personally or trying to white-knuckle through this time, make your needs clear before the festivities start.

Your Support System Is Still There for You Over the Holidays

If your support system is there for you the rest of the year, they will want to be there for you now, too. That said, it doesn't mean the holidays don't affect them either. They may not be as easy to reach. That's why it's important to plan ahead.

Remember, you are not a burden for saying what you need. Your needs matter no matter what time of year it is.

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Author: Natasha Tracy

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