Can Your Diet Impact Anxiety?

November 15, 2023 Rebecca Chamaa

I have learned that diet can affect anxiety. Anxiety is so uncomfortable in my life, and it is second only to the discomfort and distress caused by psychosis. I would do anything to try and reduce its impact on my body, mind, and life. I rarely have an anxiety-free day. I find it challenging to participate in daily activities like my guided journals (I work through them to try and get at the root of anxiety), my daily writing practice, exercise, or anything else on my to-do list. I lose more days to anxiety than anything else. That's why I'm changing my diet to help my anxiety.

I'm Changing My Diet to Reduce My Anxiety

When I'm having an anxiety attack, getting through it is all that matters, and all I can spend my energy on is survival. I've been working toward reducing my anxiety for over three years. So far, I've tried most things I've come across in books, videos, and magazines. Some things have helped a little, but nothing has given me significant relief. Recently, I read that what you eat can have an impact on anxiety.

I read that fried foods, sugar, and other foods (especially highly processed ones) can increase anxiety. Now, I love my desserts. Every night before I found the articles on food's relationship to anxiety, I ate some combination of ice cream sandwiches, chocolate-covered pretzels, banana chips, M&M's, cookies, and pie. I haven't cut sugar out of my life entirely because even my peanut butter has sugar, but I have cut out sweets like ice cream, baked goods, etc., and swapped them out for fruits after dinner. I hoped this dietary change would help my anxiety.

My New Diet Hasn't Cured My Anxiety, But It Has Improved

I notice that about every other night, I have an easier time falling asleep. It hasn't been every night, but it has made a significant difference, and about every other day, my body is relaxed when I used to be tense and anxious most days with muscles locking and a high degree of agitation. I wouldn't say stopping sweets is a cure, but so far, it has given me a much-needed break between episodes of anxiety, and I'll take any reduction in symptoms I can get. I must admit I miss my movies and M&M's, but desperation requires tough choices, and for now, desserts are off the menu because my diet does affect anxiety.

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