EFT Tapping to Ease DID Symptoms

March 10, 2020 Krystle Vermes

Can the emotional freedom technique (EFT) help those living with dissociative identity disorder (DID)? For many people with DID, every day can feel like living with your head in the clouds. Dissociation, in its simplest form, is the process of disconnecting from your thoughts and emotions. It wasn’t until I entered therapy that I learned the importance of grounding myself, getting back into my head, and ultimately regaining control of my life.

Today, I have several tools and techniques that I use to get grounded when I feel myself dissociating and disconnecting, and one of the most important that I’ve learned is the emotional freedom technique. Sometimes referred to as tapping, EFT is a self-help technique that involves using the fingers to tap on various points of the body.

The ultimate goal behind utilizing EFT is to move “stuck” energy and emotions. For example, if you are feeling discomfort due to feelings such as fear or shame, EFT is thought to be able to move these emotions out of the body.

Starting EFT Tapping for DID

Whether tapping truly moves energy and emotions through the body is scientifically up for debate, but through my own personal experience, I’ve found that it helps my alternate personalities calm down and get grounded. On my worst days, this can be extremely relieving.

Before you begin tapping, think of an affirmation or a mantra that you want to focus on throughout the process. One easy phrase to begin with is, “Even though I am feeling [insert emotion here], I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Once you have a phrase in mind, you can begin.

Start by tapping on the side of your left or right hand, repeating the phrase you have created for yourself out loud. Next, tap on the center of your forehead (where your third eye might be), repeating the same phrase out loud. Continue with this method, tapping on the following areas while saying your mantra out loud:

  • Cheekbones
  • Under your nose
  • On your chin
  • On your collarbone
  • Under your arm
  • On the crown of your head

Once you finish one round, you can repeat the process again until you feel more mindful and grounded. I often do two or three rounds of tapping to fully calm my system before I get back to my day.

Does EFT Tapping Really Work?

It isn’t unusual to feel a certain amount of skepticism about tapping. After all, how can simply tapping on certain parts of the body provide instant relief from overwhelming emotions, such as grief or guilt?

In my own experience, it was worth trying, if only to add another tool to my toolbox full of anxiety-relieving techniques. You can never have too many solutions when you’re up against a condition such as DID, and I’ll take all the help I can get.

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Author: Krystle Vermes

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