Adult ADHD and Relationships, Divisions of Labor

July 7, 2014 Elizabeth Prager

When we are in a relationship with another person, there are thing we excel at and there are things they excel at. Why not find out what you're best at and what they are, and then tag team the heck out of life? It's a good idea to divide and conquer when it comes to tasks and relationships. We're not always good at everything - adult ADHD or not.My wife and I know that my adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) doesn't allow me to be awesome at the Internet in general. I stink when there are upgrades to those social media websites and I'm rubbish at searching for information (I look up "how to clean cat toys," which leads to "what cat toys to buy," to "cheapest cat toys," to "vegan cat toys," to "vegan cats," to sleep). Wives (and husbands, I imagine) can be really great allies for life and brains!

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Author: Elizabeth Prager

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