Mental Illness Does Not Discriminate by Age

August 29, 2011 Dani Zee

As young people seeking help for our mental health issues, sometimes we face unique challenges. I occasionally get criticism from older people telling me that I am just taking myself too seriously. They say I don't really have a mental illness or addiction, but insist that I am just young or immature and I will grow out of it. This was especially troubling when it came to my alcoholism. Part of the disease of alcoholism is that you will tell yourself almost anything to convince yourself that you don't have a problem. It would have been so easy to just say that my addiction was a phase and I would grow out if it. It wasn't true though.

Mental health problems can affect anyone at any age. If you are suffering, please don't let anyone to convince you to brush it off as a phase. Mental health treatment is available, so there is no reason that you shouldn't live the life you want to live.

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Author: Dani Zee

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