Rewrite Your Life Script to Change Your Life

June 14, 2024 Mahevash Shaikh

Have you heard of a life script? Changing your life isn't easy, especially when you seek change that stands the test of time. I have been struggling to make some changes, and in a recent therapy session, I learned a technique that can help anyone steer their life in the direction they want. It's called rewriting your life script, and it can transform your life in ways you never thought possible. 

What Is a Life Script?

My therapist told me that a life script is the collection of beliefs and expectations that unconsciously guide your decisions in life. Most of it is formed in early childhood, typically before age seven. Once formed, the life script influences an individual throughout their life. 

Take the case of Tom, a child who often hears his parents arguing about never having enough money. He internalizes the belief that he will always struggle financially. As an adult, his belief manifests as anxiety about managing money. Even though he makes a good living, he worries he is not making enough. Due to his anxiety, he buys the cheapest food possible and lives in a rundown apartment. His life script is not only preventing him from enjoying his financial stability but is also affecting his health. 

How Rewriting Your Life Script Can Change Your Life

As you can see, life scripts profoundly impact one's behavior and quality of life. When my therapist gave the example of Tom, I thought that Tom was doomed to live with the fear of financial anxiety. However, she told me that even though it is challenging, it is possible to rewrite your life script. She then gave me a four-step procedure to do so. 

  1. With the help of therapy and introspection, figure out your life script and its impact. Note that your life script can have both positive and negative consequences. 
  2. Challenge the beliefs that form your life script. Also, ask yourself whether they are serving you or doing you harm. 
  3. Rewrite your life script by creating new, empowering beliefs that support your goals. 
  4. Reinforce your new beliefs by taking action. Set small goals and celebrate your wins. 

For Tom, this means recognizing that his fear of financial stability is rooted in his childhood experience and has nothing to do with his current life. By challenging this belief, he can see that he is well off and can afford to live more comfortably.

Creating new beliefs about his financial stability and money management skills can help him achieve his goal of making better spending choices and reducing his constant anxiety. Finally, actions like practicing positive affirmations can help him adopt a new life script, one that improves his quality of life. 

How Will You Rewrite Your Life Script? 

Hearing Tom's story gave me hope that even I could rewrite my life script. Although our beliefs are powerful, they do not have to control us. By following my therapist's four-step procedure, I know I can change the story of my life. Will you join me?

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