Doing What You Love Is the Path to Self-Love

December 9, 2022 Mel Bender

Living with mental illness for many years, learning to love myself has been an ongoing challenge. I've read many books on the topic and discussed it with many therapists, but the key to self-love has remained a mystery. Something I didn't take enough notice of, however, was the fact that I've spent years not doing the things I love the most.

Self-Love Grows When You Do What You Love

In 2021, I made the radical decision to leave my nine-to-five life to attend to my mental health and devote more time and energy to my writing. Doing so helped me realize that writing is the greatest love of my life, and spending more time doing it expanded my capacity to love my life and myself.

Check out this short video on self-love and doing what you love.

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