Resolutions Worth Keeping: Motivation, Willpower and Passion

December 28, 2014 Jennifer Aline Graham

Every year people make resolutions that seem to fizzle away after the first month or so. Just as quickly as the excitement begins, the motivation seems to drift away and then you’re back the square one. No one likes being back where he or she started, especially if progress has been made and the excitement of success has been felt.

When those who cut or burn make the decision to work towards a life free of self-harm, emotions and moods can be on edge. This sometimes is the reason these choices are not followed through with and resolutions are taken back. Our emotions can sometimes be the most powerful tools we have and if we don’t have ways to control them, New Year’s Resolutions can collapse.

A safe way to start the process in making healthy New Years Resolutions can be by focusing on your motivation, willpower and passion.

New Years Resolutions can be difficult to keep, but by focusing on motivation, willpower and passion, it may be possible to keep the resolution going.

Finding Motivation

One of the hardest parts of keeping a resolution is finding the motivation to keep it going. People tend to begin resolutions with an exuberant amount of energy and motivation. However, as time moves on, motivation dwindles and people forget why they made the choice to move in a positive direction to begin with.

Recently, my lack of motivation has been horrendous. Even though I want to increase my exercise (a cliché resolution, but one I must make happen), the push to make the change has been lacking. I have felt sluggish and unusually tired and even though I’d like to blame it on “Winter Blues”, I know it is up to me to make what I want happen. For those who self-harm, it is up to him or her to stay motivated and focused on their goal to live a safe life.

Finding Willpower

Fighting back the urge to self-harm can take more willpower than most people have in their bodies. It takes a lot of control and self-talk to stop yourself from grabbing a razor or scissors when feeling the urge to harm your body.

Holidays seem to make it tougher than ever to hold onto one’s willpower when fighting any kind of urge. I have been unable to hold myself back when it comes to eating anything and everything lately and one of my goals for the New Year is to work on my willpower when it comes to healthy choices. Just like those who want to stop self-harming, forcing you to make safe decisions is an important stepping-stone towards a healthy life.

Finding Passion

When you find your passion and follow it, you become more in tune with the person you are. This year, discover your passion by focusing on the hobbies and interests that bring you enjoyment. Those passions become the coping skills you use when you feel the need to self-harm.

Whether it is finding more time to write (a personal example), trying out new recipes or working on budgeting skills, acting on what makes you happy should be your number one priority going into the New Year. When you are happy, you can think with more clarity. When you think clearly, you make healthier decisions.

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Author: Jennifer Aline Graham

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